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April 04, 2014
We are pleased to announce our first ever Bandcamp exclusive digital sampler, CRAZED MP3 FANS Vol. 1, a mix of songs...[read]
March 27, 2014
Hari Kondabolu made his first (of hopefully many) appearance on Late Show with David Letterman last night, in support...[read]
March 20, 2014
In celebration of Horse Feathers' 10-year anniversary as a band, we've collected all of their KRS releases (2012's...[read]
March 13, 2014
Calculated by Heavens To BetsyWe are excited to announce that Heavens To Betsy's classic album Calculated has been...[read]
March 11, 2014
We are excited to announce that Hari Kondabolu's debut stand-up comedy album, Waiting for 2042, is out now on cd and...[read]
February 25, 2014
Happy Album Release Day to Milagres, whose new album Violent Light is now available in good ...[read]

Upcoming Tour Dates

Tour Date City State/Prov
04/21 Horse Feathers Cambridge MA [info]
04/22 Horse Feathers Providence RI [info]
04/22 Deerhoof Oberlin OH [info]
04/23 Xiu Xiu Los Angeles CA [info]
04/23 Kurt Braunohler Austin TX [info]
04/23 Deerhoof Cleveland OH [info]
04/24 Hari Kondabolu Seattle WA [info]
04/24 Horse Feathers Pittsburgh PA [info]
04/24 Kurt Braunohler Austin TX [info]
04/24 Deerhoof South Bend IN [info]
04/25 Hari Kondabolu Seattle WA [info]
04/25 Horse Feathers Ann Arbor MI [info]
04/25 Kurt Braunohler Austin TX [info]
04/25 Thao With the Get Down Stay Down Charlotte NC [info]
04/25 Deerhoof Detroit MI [info]
04/26 Horse Feathers Chicago IL [info]
04/26 Deerhoof Athens OH [info]
04/27 Deerhoof Pittsburgh PA [info]
04/29 Kurt Braunohler Los Angeles CA [info]
04/29 Hari Kondabolu Minneapolis MN [info]
04/29 Thao With the Get Down Stay Down San Francisco CA [info]
04/29 Deerhoof Ithaca NY [info]
04/30 Hari Kondabolu Washington DC [info]
04/30 Wooden Wand Boulder CO [info]
05/01 Survival Knife Portland OR [info]
05/01 Deerhoof Hamden CT [info]
05/02 Survival Knife Portland OR [info]
05/02 Wooden Wand Tucson AZ [info]
05/03 C Average Portland OR [info]
05/03 Wooden Wand Phoenix AZ [info]
05/03 Deerhoof New York NY [info]
05/04 Wooden Wand Yucca Valley CA [info]
05/06 Wooden Wand Long Beach CA [info]
05/07 Wooden Wand Berkeley CA [info]
05/08 Marnie Stern Brooklyn NY [info]
05/08 Hari Kondabolu Portland OR [info]
05/08 Kurt Braunohler Chicago IL [info]
05/08 Survival Knife San Francisco CA [info]
05/08 Wooden Wand Oakland CA [info]
05/09 Hari Kondabolu Portland OR [info]
05/09 Kurt Braunohler Chicago IL [info]
05/09 Marnie Stern Philadelphia PA [info]
05/09 Survival Knife Los Angeles CA [info]
05/09 Wooden Wand El Dorado Hills CA [info]
05/10 Hari Kondabolu Portland OR [info]
05/10 Kurt Braunohler Chicago IL [info]
05/10 Kurt Braunohler Chicago IL [info]
05/10 Survival Knife San Diego CA [info]
05/10 Wooden Wand Eugene OR [info]
05/11 Hari Kondabolu Portland OR [info]
05/11 Wooden Wand Portland OR [info]
05/12 Wooden Wand Seattle WA [info]
05/14 Wooden Wand Missoula MT [info]
05/15 Kinski Seattle WA [info]
05/15 Wooden Wand Fort Collins CO [info]
05/16 Kinski Portland OR [info]
05/16 Survival Knife Portland OR [info]
05/16 Wooden Wand Colorado Springs CO [info]
05/17 Survival Knife Seattle WA [info]
05/24 The Decemberists Boston MA [info]
05/29 The Decemberists Portland OR [info]
05/30 Cameron Esposito Portland OR [info]
05/30 Cameron Esposito Portland OR [info]
05/30 The Decemberists Portland OR [info]
06/12 Thao With the Get Down Stay Down Manchester TN [info]
06/13 Survival Knife Olympia Wa [info]
06/17 Xiu Xiu Quebec Canada [info]
06/18 Xiu Xiu Montreal Quebec [info]

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