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March 07, 2018

Marnie Stern's 2008 LP "This Is It and I Am It..." gets Record Store Day reissue!

March 06, 2018

Horse Feathers announce new album 'Appreciation'

March 02, 2018

Upcoming Tour Dates

Tour Date City State/Prov
03/21 Lithics Los Angeles CA [info]
03/22 Lithics San Francisco CA [info]
03/23 Lithics Portland OR [info]
03/23 Kinski Spokane WA [info]
03/24 Lithics Seattle WA [info]
03/24 Cindy Wilson Boise ID [info]
03/24 Horse Feathers Boise ID [info]
03/24 Wimps Boise ID [info]
03/24 The Decemberists Tempe AZ [info]
03/24 Kinski Boise ID [info]
03/25 Cindy Wilson Boise ID [info]
03/25 Horse Feathers Boise ID [info]
03/26 Cindy Wilson Bozeman MT [info]
03/26 Amy Miller Los Angeles CA [info]
03/28 Cindy Wilson St. Paul MN [info]
03/29 Kurt Braunohler Boston MA [info]
03/29 Cindy Wilson Chicago IL [info]
03/29 Nathan Brannon Boise ID [info]
03/30 Kurt Braunohler Boston MA [info]
03/30 Cindy Wilson Lakewood OH [info]
03/30 Nathan Brannon Boise ID [info]
03/31 Kurt Braunohler Boston MA [info]
03/31 Cindy Wilson Nashville TN [info]
03/31 Nathan Brannon Boise ID [info]
04/01 Nathan Brannon Boise ID [info]
04/04 Xiu Xiu Atlanta GA [info]
04/05 Xiu Xiu Knoxville TN [info]
04/05 Horse Feathers Iowa City IA [info]
04/06 Xiu Xiu Asheville NC [info]
04/06 The Decemberists St. Paul MN [info]
04/07 Xiu Xiu Durham NC [info]
04/10 The Decemberists Chicago IL [info]
04/13 Taiwan Housing Project Philadelphia PA [info]
04/19 C Average Portland OR [info]
04/27 Hari Kondabolu Kirkland WA [info]
04/29 Hari Kondabolu Bellingham WA [info]
05/08 Xiu Xiu New York NY [info]
05/09 Horse Feathers Vancouver BC [info]
05/09 Deerhoof Brighton UK [info]
05/10 Horse Feathers Seattle WA [info]
05/11 Horse Feathers Portland OR [info]
05/12 Deerhoof Paris FR [info]
05/16 Horse Feathers San Francisco CA [info]
05/17 Horse Feathers Los Angeles CA [info]
05/18 Horse Feathers San Diego CA [info]
05/19 Horse Feathers Tucson AZ [info]
05/20 Horse Feathers Flagstaff AZ [info]