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February 24, 2015
Do you daydream about peeking behind the digital curtain to investigate the inner workings of a small/medium sized...[read]
February 09, 2015
KRS' own Cameron Esposito sent over this new video of her performing THE GREATEST PERIOD JOKE OF ALL TIME! #CHUNKS...[read]
January 29, 2015
In 2014 comedian Kurt Braunohler jet skied down the Mississippi River from Chicago to New Orleans to raise money for...[read]
January 26, 2015
Good news for all you CRAZED MP3 FANS out there, 7" singles by Free Kitten, Men's Recovery Project, and Cold Cold...[read]
January 15, 2015
Photo by Matthias Clamer  Kill Rock Stars is excited to announce that we have signed comedian W. Kamau Bell. He...[read]
November 11, 2014
Welcome Esper Scout to the Kill Rock Stars family! Their "Belay" / "Carpet of a Crest" digital single is now available...[read]

Upcoming Tour Dates

Tour Date City State/Prov
02/28 The Thermals Salem OR [info]
02/28 Kinski Seattle WA [info]
02/28 The Decemberists ZÜRICH DISTRICT Switzerland [info]
03/01 The Decemberists Milan Italy [info]
03/04 Horse Feathers Boulder CO [info]
03/06 Cameron Esposito Hollywood CA [info]
03/06 Horse Feathers Omaha NE [info]
03/07 Comet Gain London UK [info]
03/07 Horse Feathers Columbia MO [info]
03/08 Horse Feathers Louisville KY [info]
03/09 Deerhoof New Haven CT [info]
03/10 Horse Feathers Nashville TN [info]
03/10 Deerhoof Boston MA [info]
03/11 Horse Feathers Birmingham AL [info]
03/12 Horse Feathers New Orleans LA [info]
03/12 Deerhoof Chicago IL [info]
03/12 Deerhoof Cleveland OH [info]
03/14 Horse Feathers Atlanta GA [info]
03/14 Deerhoof Milwaukee WI [info]
03/15 Horse Feathers Jacksonville FL [info]
03/15 Deerhoof Minneapolis MN [info]
03/16 Deerhoof Omaha NE [info]
03/17 Deerhoof Oklahoma City OK [info]
03/18 Horse Feathers Carrboro NC [info]
03/18 Deerhoof Houston TX [info]
03/19 Horse Feathers Asheville NC [info]
03/20 Kurt Braunohler East Providence RI [info]
03/20 Horse Feathers Durham NC [info]
03/21 Kurt Braunohler East Providence RI [info]
03/21 Horse Feathers Charlottesville VA [info]
03/21 The Decemberists Portland OR [info]
03/21 Deerhoof Hattiesburg MS [info]
03/22 Horse Feathers Philadelphia PA [info]
03/23 Deerhoof Atlanta GA [info]
03/24 The Decemberists Minneapolis MN [info]
03/24 Deerhoof Nashville TN [info]
03/25 Kurt Braunohler Asheville NC [info]
03/25 Horse Feathers Pittsburgh PA [info]
03/25 The Decemberists Milwaukee WI [info]
03/25 Deerhoof Durham NC [info]
03/26 Kurt Braunohler Athens GA [info]
03/26 Hari Kondabolu Melbourne AUS [info]
03/26 Horse Feathers Washington DC [info]
03/26 Kurt Braunohler Sommerville MA [info]
03/26 Deerhoof Baltimore MD [info]
03/27 Hari Kondabolu Melbourne AUS [info]
03/27 Horse Feathers Boston MA [info]
03/27 The Decemberists Chicago IL [info]
03/27 Deerhoof Northampton MA [info]
03/28 Hari Kondabolu Melbourne AUS [info]
03/28 Horse Feathers New York NY [info]
03/28 The Decemberists Royal OAk MI [info]
03/28 Ian Karmel Portland OR [info]
03/28 Deerhoof New York NY [info]
03/29 Horse Feathers Buffalo NY [info]
03/29 Hari Kondabolu Melbourne AUS [info]
03/30 The Decemberists Toronto ON [info]
03/31 Hari Kondabolu Melbourne AUS [info]
04/01 Cameron Esposito Iowa City IA [info]
04/01 Hari Kondabolu Melbourne AUS [info]
04/01 The Decemberists Buffalo NY [info]
04/01 Horse Feathers Ann Arbor MI [info]
04/02 Hari Kondabolu Melbourne AUS [info]
04/02 Horse Feathers Columbus OH [info]
04/03 Horse Feathers Indianapolis IN [info]
04/03 Hari Kondabolu Melbourne AUS [info]
04/03 The Decemberists Boston MA [info]
04/04 Hari Kondabolu Melbourne AUS [info]
04/04 The Decemberists Boston MA [info]
04/05 Horse Feathers Iowa City IA [info]
04/05 Hari Kondabolu Melbourne AUS [info]
04/06 The Decemberists New York NY [info]
04/07 The Decemberists Philadelphia PA [info]
04/09 The Decemberists Charlotte NC [info]
04/10 The Decemberists Atlanta GA [info]
04/11 The Decemberists Atlanta GA [info]
04/13 The Decemberists Nashville TN [info]
04/29 The Decemberists Mesa AZ [info]
04/29 Cameron Esposito Austin TX [info]

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