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May 21, 2015
We are excited to announce that comedian Emily Heller has joined the KRS family and will be recording her debut album...[read]
April 14, 2015
KURT BRAUNOHLER and KRISTEN SCHAAL’s long-running “HOT TUB WITH KURT AND KRISTEN” variety show will be recorded the...[read]
April 08, 2015
Great news! We will be releasing Kinski’s next album, 7 (or 8), on LP, CD, and good ol’ MP3 on June 2nd, 2015. You can...[read]
March 23, 2015
We are excited to welcome Anar Badalov's solo project New Dog to the Kill Rock Stars roster. New Dog's album Classic...[read]
February 24, 2015
Do you daydream about peeking behind the digital curtain to investigate the inner workings of a small/medium sized...[read]
February 09, 2015
KRS' own Cameron Esposito sent over this new video of her performing THE GREATEST PERIOD JOKE OF ALL TIME! #CHUNKS...[read]

Upcoming Tour Dates

Tour Date City State/Prov
05/27 The Decemberists Morrison CO [info]
05/28 Emily Heller Madison WI [info]
05/29 Emily Heller Madison WI [info]
05/29 The Decemberists Papillon NE [info]
05/29 Thao With the Get Down Stay Down Brooklyn NY [info]
05/30 Bitch Ferndale MI [info]
05/30 Emily Heller Madison WI [info]
05/30 The Decemberists St. Louis MO [info]
05/30 Nedelle Wonder Valley CA [info]
05/30 Anna Oxygen Wonder Valley CA [info]
05/31 The Decemberists Columbus OH [info]
06/01 The Decemberists Charlottesville VA [info]
06/03 Emily Heller Brooklyn NY [info]
06/03 The Decemberists Raleigh NC [info]
06/04 Kinski Seattle WA [info]
06/04 The Decemberists Columbia MD [info]
06/05 Kinski Portland OR [info]
06/05 Bitch Buffalo NY [info]
06/06 New Dog Bielefeld DE [info]
06/06 Kinski San Francisco CA [info]
06/06 Cameron Esposito Fort Wayne IN [info]
06/06 Survival Knife Portland OR [info]
06/07 New Dog Cologne DE [info]
06/07 Emily Heller Boston MA [info]
06/07 Survival Knife Seattle WA [info]
06/08 New Dog Karlsruhe DE [info]
06/09 New Dog Darmstadt DE [info]
06/10 New Dog Munich DE [info]
06/11 New Dog LEIPZIG DE [info]
06/11 Hari Kondabolu Atlanta GA [info]
06/11 Cameron Esposito Manchester TN [info]
06/11 Excepter Brooklyn NY [info]
06/12 New Dog Pilzen CZ [info]
06/12 Hari Kondabolu Atlanta GA [info]
06/12 Cameron Esposito Manchester TN [info]
06/13 New Dog Broumov CZ [info]
06/13 Xiu Xiu Brooklyn NY [info]
06/13 Hari Kondabolu Atlanta GA [info]
06/14 New Dog Brno CZ [info]
06/14 Hari Kondabolu Atlanta GA [info]
06/15 New Dog Koprivnice CZ [info]
06/16 New Dog Breclav CZ [info]
06/17 New Dog Pardubice CZ [info]
06/17 Cameron Esposito Portland ME [info]
06/17 Deerhoof Winnipeg CANADA [info]
06/18 Cameron Esposito Somerville MA [info]
06/18 Deerhoof Saskatoon Canada [info]
06/19 Cameron Esposito Providence RI [info]
06/19 C Average Olympia WA [info]
06/19 Deerhoof Edmonton CANADA [info]
06/20 Cameron Esposito Providence RI [info]
06/20 Deerhoof Calgary AB [info]
06/25 Emily Heller Minneapolis MN [info]
06/26 Emily Heller Minneapolis MN [info]
06/27 Emily Heller Minneapolis MN [info]
06/27 Cameron Esposito Santa Fe NM [info]
06/28 Cameron Esposito Tempe AZ [info]
07/10 The Thermals Seattle WA [info]
07/10 The Decemberists Troutdale OR [info]
07/10 Thao With the Get Down Stay Down Washington DC [info]
07/12 Thao With the Get Down Stay Down Monaca PA [info]
07/14 Thao With the Get Down Stay Down Columbus IN [info]
07/15 New Dog New Haven CT [info]
07/16 Thao With the Get Down Stay Down Bloomington IL [info]
07/17 Deerhoof Dour Belgium [info]
07/18 Deerhoof Nuremberg Germany [info]
07/19 Deerhoof Prague Czech Republic [info]
07/20 Deerhoof Hamburg Germany [info]
07/21 Deerhoof Utrecht Netherlands [info]
07/22 Deerhoof Rotterdam Netherlands [info]
07/23 Hari Kondabolu Portland OR [info]
07/23 Thao With the Get Down Stay Down Calgary Alberta, Canada [info]
07/24 Hari Kondabolu Portland OR [info]
07/24 Deerhoof Barcelos Portugal [info]
07/25 godheadSilo Fargo ND [info]
07/25 Hari Kondabolu Portland OR [info]

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