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June 20, 2014
Hari Kondabolu appeared on Monday's episode of Late Night with Conan O' Brien performing material of his new-ish stand-...[read]
May 29, 2014
We are excited to announce that our Some Songs from the Kill Rock Stars Singles compilation is now available on...[read]
May 28, 2014
Good news for all you CRAZED MP3 FANS out there, The Thermals / Thao with the Get Down Stay Down ...[read]
May 19, 2014
American hero Kurt Braunohler has announced his plan to jet-ski from Chicago to New Orleans to raise enough money to...[read]
May 15, 2014
Hari Kondabolu is the guest on today's episode of Andy Beckerman's Beginnings podcast. Beginnings is a podcast where...[read]
May 09, 2014
The wait is over! Milagres' recent appearance on NBC's Last Call with Carson Daly is finally available to view online...[read]

Upcoming Tour Dates

Tour Date City State/Prov
07/15 Mecca Normal Seattle WA [info]
07/16 Mecca Normal Portland OR [info]
07/17 Mecca Normal Olympia WA [info]
07/18 Mecca Normal Anacortes WA [info]
07/20 Portland Cello Project Portland Oregon [info]
07/22 Hands San Diego CA [info]
07/24 Horse Feathers Carnation WA [info]
07/25 Horse Feathers Carnation WA [info]
07/26 Horse Feathers Carnation WA [info]
07/26 The Thermals Seattle WA [info]
07/27 Thao With the Get Down Stay Down Newport RI [info]
07/28 Thao With the Get Down Stay Down Williamsburg NY [info]
07/29 Xiu Xiu Los Angeles CA [info]
07/31 Xiu Xiu Santa Cruz CA [info]
08/01 Xiu Xiu San Francisco CA [info]
08/02 Stereo Total Freising DE [info]
08/02 Xiu Xiu Arcata CA [info]
08/02 Kinski Seattle WA [info]
08/03 Xiu Xiu Portland OR [info]
08/04 Xiu Xiu Vancouver BC [info]
08/05 Portland Cello Project Portland OR [info]
08/05 Xiu Xiu Seattle WA [info]
08/06 Xiu Xiu Boise ID [info]
08/07 Kurt Braunohler San Diego CA [info]
08/07 Xiu Xiu Salt Lake City UT [info]
08/08 Panther Portland OR [info]
08/08 Thao With the Get Down Stay Down Minneapolis MN [info]
08/08 Kurt Braunohler San Diego CA [info]
08/08 Xiu Xiu Denver CO [info]
08/09 Wooden Wand Lexington KY [info]
08/09 Kurt Braunohler San Diego CA [info]
08/09 Xiu Xiu Albuquerque NM [info]
08/10 Xiu Xiu Phoenix AZ [info]
08/13 Thao With the Get Down Stay Down Houston TX [info]
08/16 Marnie Stern St. Paul MN [info]
08/16 Thao With the Get Down Stay Down Austin TX [info]
08/28 Wooden Wand Asheville NC [info]
08/29 Wooden Wand Asheville NC [info]
08/30 Wooden Wand Asheville NC [info]

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