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August 19, 2016


July 22, 2016


July 06, 2016

Upcoming Tour Dates

Tour Date City State/Prov
09/24 Rhea Butcher Toronto ONT [info]
09/24 Thao San Francisco CA [info]
09/24 Hari Kondabolu San Francisco CA [info]
09/24 Kurt Braunohler Portland OR [info]
09/24 Cameron Esposito Toronto ON [info]
09/29 Cameron Esposito Salt Lake City UT [info]
09/30 Nathan Brannon Glendale CA [info]
10/01 Wimps Seattle WA [info]
10/01 Summer Cannibals Atlanta GA [info]
10/01 Thao With the Get Down Stay Down Utopia TX [info]
10/01 Xiu Xiu Philadelphia PA [info]
10/01 Nathan Brannon Santa Monica CA [info]
10/02 Deerhoof New York NY [info]
10/03 Summer Cannibals Brooklyn NY [info]
10/04 Nathan Brannon Burbank CA [info]
10/05 Summer Cannibals Exeter UK [info]
10/06 Summer Cannibals Brighton UK [info]
10/07 Mecca Normal Vancouver BC [info]
10/07 Thao Mill Valley CA [info]
10/07 Summer Cannibals Milton Keynes UK [info]
10/08 Mecca Normal Seattle WA [info]
10/09 Mecca Normal Portland OR [info]
10/09 Summer Cannibals Glasgow UK [info]
10/11 Cameron Esposito New Orleans LA [info]
10/11 Rhea Butcher New Orleans LA [info]
10/11 Summer Cannibals Manchester UK [info]
10/11 Cameron Esposito New Orleans LA [info]
10/12 Nathan Brannon Portland OR [info]
10/13 Summer Cannibals London UK [info]
10/13 Rhea Butcher Provincetown MA [info]
10/13 Nathan Brannon Portland OR [info]
10/13 W. Kamau Bell Washington DC [info]
10/14 Summer Cannibals Leeuwarden NL [info]
10/14 Thao With the Get Down Stay Down Joshua Tree CA [info]
10/14 W. Kamau Bell New York NY [info]
10/14 Cameron Esposito Provincetown MA [info]
10/15 Ian Karmel New Orleans LA [info]
10/15 Summer Cannibals Breda NL [info]
10/15 Kinski Seattle WA [info]
10/15 Horse Feathers Grand Rapids MI [info]
10/15 Nathan Brannon Salem OR [info]
10/15 W. Kamau Bell Boston MA [info]
10/16 Explode Into Colors Portland OR [info]
10/16 Explode Into Colors Portland OR [info]
10/16 Summer Cannibals Rotterdam NL [info]
10/18 Rhea Butcher Northampton MA [info]
10/18 Cameron Esposito Northampton MA [info]
10/18 Summer Cannibals Leipzig DE [info]
10/19 Rhea Butcher Cambridge MA [info]
10/19 Cameron Esposito Cambridge MA [info]
10/20 Rhea Butcher Portsmouth NH [info]
10/20 Summer Cannibals Praha CZ [info]
10/20 Cameron Esposito Portsmouth NH [info]
10/21 Rhea Butcher Halifax NS [info]
10/21 W. Kamau Bell Portland OR [info]
10/21 W. Kamau Bell Portland OR [info]
10/21 Cameron Esposito Halifax NS [info]
10/21 Summer Cannibals Bezirk-Ottakring AT [info]
10/22 Hari Kondabolu Houston TX [info]
10/22 Summer Cannibals Doberlug-Kirchhain DE [info]
10/26 Summer Cannibals Lyon FR [info]
10/27 Summer Cannibals Clermont-Ferrand FR [info]
10/28 Summer Cannibals San Sebastián ES [info]
10/30 Summer Cannibals Pontevedra ES [info]
10/31 Summer Cannibals Madrid ES [info]
11/01 Summer Cannibals Valencia ES [info]
11/02 Summer Cannibals Barcelona ES [info]
11/03 The Raincoats London UK [info]
11/03 Summer Cannibals Bordeaux FR [info]
11/04 Wimps Seattle WA [info]
11/04 Rhea Butcher NEW YORK NY [info]
11/04 Kinski Seattle WA [info]
11/04 Cameron Esposito New York NY [info]
11/04 Summer Cannibals Rennes FR [info]
11/05 The Raincoats Brighton UK [info]
11/05 Summer Cannibals Paris FR [info]
11/11 The Raincoats Manchester UK [info]
11/11 Nathan Brannon Seattle WA [info]
11/11 Stereo Total Leipzig DE [info]
11/12 Hari Kondabolu Boston MA [info]
11/12 Nathan Brannon Seattle WA [info]
11/12 Stereo Total Hannover DE [info]
11/13 The Raincoats Glasgow Scotland [info]
11/13 Nathan Brannon Seattle WA [info]
11/13 Stereo Total Bremen DE [info]
11/14 Stereo Total Düsseldorf DE [info]
11/16 Rhea Butcher Akron OH [info]
11/16 Stereo Total Konstanz DE [info]
11/17 Cameron Esposito Lincoln NE [info]
11/17 Stereo Total Heidelberg DE [info]
11/18 Stereo Total Mainz DE [info]
11/18 Cameron Esposito Kansas City MO [info]
11/19 Cameron Esposito St. Louis MO [info]
11/19 Stereo Total Kassel DE [info]