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October 13, 2014
Horse Feathers' new album So It Is With Us was just given the First Listen treatment over at NPR Music. Click here to...[read]
October 07, 2014
Cameron Esposito’s new stand-up comedy album Same Sex Symbol in stores now! We are proud to announce that comedian...[read]
October 06, 2014
On October 3rd, 2004 we released Deerhoof's live album 'Bibidi Babidi Boo' as a FREE download on the Kill Rock Stars...[read]
September 29, 2014
Pop Matters just premiered the Dustin Dybvig directed video for Horse Feathers' song "Violently Wild" from the upcoming...[read]
September 15, 2014
Hari Kondabolu has released a new video of his 'Matthew McConaughey on Tolerance' routine. A different version of this...[read]
August 21, 2014

Upcoming Tour Dates

Tour Date City State/Prov
10/23 Kurt Braunohler Los Angeles CA [info]
10/25 Hands Los Angeles CA [info]
10/28 Har Mar Superstar Montreal QC [info]
10/28 Horse Feathers Bellingham WA [info]
10/29 Har Mar Superstar Toronto ON [info]
10/29 Horse Feathers Vancouver BC [info]
10/30 Har Mar Superstar Indianapolis IN [info]
10/30 Horse Feathers Seattle WA [info]
10/31 Horse Feathers Spokane WA [info]
10/31 Marnie Stern Chicago IL [info]
11/01 Marnie Stern Miami Fl [info]
11/01 Horse Feathers Missoula MT [info]
11/02 Har Mar Superstar Milwaukee WI [info]
11/02 Horse Feathers Bozeman MT [info]
11/02 Cameron Esposito San Francisco CA [info]
11/03 Har Mar Superstar St. Louis MO [info]
11/04 Thao Mimai FL [info]
11/04 Horse Feathers Jackson WY [info]
11/04 Deerhoof Brookyln NY [info]
11/05 Thao Miami FL [info]
11/05 Har Mar Superstar Nashville TN [info]
11/05 Deerhoof Brooklyn NY [info]
11/05 Cameron Esposito Denver CO [info]
11/06 Thao Miami FL [info]
11/06 Har Mar Superstar Atlanta GA [info]
11/06 Deerhoof Brooklyn NY [info]
11/07 Thao Miami FL [info]
11/07 Har Mar Superstar New Orleans La [info]
11/07 Horse Feathers Boulder CO [info]
11/07 Cameron Esposito Brooklyn NY [info]
11/07 Deerhoof Falls Church VA [info]
11/08 Thao Miami FL [info]
11/08 Horse Feathers Denver CO [info]
11/08 Deerhoof Charlottesville VA [info]
11/09 Har Mar Superstar Austin TX [info]
11/09 Horse Feathers Colorado Springs CO [info]
11/09 Deerhoof Philadelphia PA [info]
11/10 Har Mar Superstar Dallas TX [info]
11/11 Horse Feathers Albuquerque NM [info]
11/11 Deerhoof Chicago IL [info]
11/12 Har Mar Superstar Phoneix AZ [info]
11/12 Deerhoof Kalamazoo MI [info]
11/13 Har Mar Superstar San Diego CA [info]
11/13 Horse Feathers Austin TX [info]
11/13 Deerhoof Toronto ONT [info]
11/14 Survival Knife Chicago IL [info]
11/14 Har Mar Superstar Santa Ana CA [info]
11/14 Horse Feathers Dallas TX [info]
11/14 Cameron Esposito San Diego CA [info]
11/14 Deerhoof Montreal QC [info]
11/14 Hari Kondabolu St. Paul MN [info]
11/15 Mecca Normal Vancouver BC [info]
11/15 Survival Knife Grand Rapids MI [info]
11/15 Har Mar Superstar Los Angeles CA [info]
11/15 Horse Feathers Norman OK [info]
11/15 Cameron Esposito San Diego CA [info]
11/15 Hari Kondabolu Portland OR [info]
11/15 Deerhoof Pawtucket RI [info]
11/16 Horse Feathers Lawrence KS [info]
11/16 Survival Knife Columbus OH [info]
11/16 Har Mar Superstar Las Vegas NV [info]
11/16 Hari Kondabolu Olympia WA [info]
11/17 Survival Knife Cleveland OH [info]
11/17 Deerhoof Los Angeles CA [info]
11/18 Survival Knife Philadelphia PA [info]
11/18 Har Mar Superstar Pioneertown CA [info]
11/18 Horse Feathers St. Louis MO [info]
11/18 Deerhoof San Francisco CA [info]
11/19 Survival Knife Washington DC [info]
11/19 Har Mar Superstar San Francisco CA [info]
11/19 Horse Feathers Madison WI [info]
11/20 Survival Knife Allston MA [info]
11/20 Har Mar Superstar San Francisco CA [info]
11/20 Horse Feathers Chicago IL [info]
11/20 Deerhoof Portland OR [info]
11/21 Survival Knife Pawtucket RI [info]
11/21 Har Mar Superstar Portland OR [info]
11/21 Horse Feathers La Cross WI [info]
11/21 Deerhoof Seattle WA [info]
11/22 Survival Knife Brooklyn NY [info]
11/22 Har Mar Superstar Seattle WA [info]
11/22 Horse Feathers St. Paul MN [info]
11/22 Deerhoof Vancouver BC [info]
11/22 Portland Cello Project Florence OR [info]
11/23 Har Mar Superstar Vancouver BC [info]
11/23 Horse Feathers Fargo ND [info]
11/24 Har Mar Superstar Calgary AB [info]
11/25 Har Mar Superstar Billings MT [info]
11/26 Har Mar Superstar Denver CO [info]
11/27 Har Mar Superstar Kansas City MO [info]
11/28 Har Mar Superstar Omaha NE [info]
11/29 Horse Feathers Portland OR [info]
11/30 Har Mar Superstar Madison WI [info]
12/01 Har Mar Superstar Columbus OH [info]
12/03 Horse Feathers San Francisco CA [info]
12/04 Horse Feathers Santa Cruz CA [info]
12/05 Har Mar Superstar Washington DC [info]
12/05 Horse Feathers Los Angeles CA [info]
12/06 Har Mar Superstar Boston MA [info]
12/06 Horse Feathers San Diego CA [info]
12/07 Horse Feathers Phoenix AZ [info]
12/09 Horse Feathers Flagstaff AZ [info]
12/11 Horse Feathers Salt Lake City UT [info]
12/12 Horse Feathers Boise ID [info]
12/13 Horse Feathers Eugene OR [info]

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