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November 11, 2014
Welcome Esper Scout to the Kill Rock Stars family! Their "Belay" / "Carpet of a Crest" digital single is now available...[read]
November 07, 2014
We are BEYOND EXCITED to announce that we have signed comedian Ian Karmel to Kill Rock Stars. He will be recording his...[read]
October 28, 2014
Bratmobile's 1993 debut Pottymouth is BACK ON VINYL for the first time in over 10 years on 11/18/2014. Critical...[read]
October 21, 2014
Happy album release day to Horse Feathers! The band's new album So It Is With Us is out now on cd, lp and good ol' mp3...[read]
October 13, 2014
Horse Feathers' new album So It Is With Us was just given the First Listen treatment over at NPR Music. Click here to...[read]
October 07, 2014
Cameron Esposito’s new stand-up comedy album Same Sex Symbol in stores now! We are proud to announce that comedian...[read]

Upcoming Tour Dates

Tour Date City State/Prov
01/03 Cameron Esposito Portland OR [info]
01/03 Cameron Esposito Portland OR [info]
01/04 Cameron Esposito Seattle WA [info]
01/08 Kurt Braunohler Portland OR [info]
01/09 Kurt Braunohler Portland OR [info]
01/10 Kurt Braunohler Portland OR [info]
01/15 Cameron Esposito Chicago IL [info]
01/21 Hari Kondabolu Chapel Hill NC [info]
01/21 Horse Feathers Raleigh NC [info]
01/22 Ian Karmel Chicago IL [info]
01/22 Horse Feathers Asheville NC [info]
01/23 Ian Karmel Chicago IL [info]
01/23 Ian Karmel Chicago IL [info]
01/23 Cameron Esposito San Francisco CA [info]
01/23 Horse Feathers Nashville TN [info]
01/24 Ian Karmel Chicago IL [info]
01/24 Ian Karmel Chicago IL [info]
01/24 Excepter Brooklyn NY [info]
01/24 Horse Feathers Knoxville TN [info]
01/28 Horse Feathers Indianapolis IN [info]
01/29 Horse Feathers Urbana IL [info]
01/31 Horse Feathers Madison WI [info]
01/31 Cameron Esposito [info]
02/01 Cameron Esposito [info]
02/02 Cameron Esposito [info]
02/03 Horse Feathers State College PA [info]
02/03 Cameron Esposito [info]
02/04 Horse Feathers Cleveland OH [info]
02/04 Cameron Esposito [info]
02/05 Horse Feathers Lexington KY [info]
02/05 The Thermals San Francisco CA [info]
02/05 Cameron Esposito [info]
02/06 Horse Feathers Atlanta GA [info]
02/06 Cameron Esposito [info]
02/07 Ian Karmel Portland OR [info]
02/07 Ian Karmel Portland OR [info]
02/07 Horse Feathers Columbia SC [info]
02/07 The Thermals San Jose CA [info]
02/07 Cameron Esposito [info]
02/08 The Thermals Santa Cruz CA [info]
02/11 The Decemberists Dublin Ireland [info]
02/11 Horse Feathers Charleston SC [info]
02/12 Horse Feathers Orlando FL [info]
02/13 The Decemberists Glasgow UK [info]
02/13 Horse Feathers St. Petersburg FL [info]
02/13 Cameron Esposito Telluride CO [info]
02/14 The Decemberists Leeds UK [info]
02/14 Horse Feathers Fort Lauderdale FL [info]
02/14 Cameron Esposito Telluride CO [info]
02/15 Horse Feathers Jacksonville Beach FL [info]
02/16 The Decemberists Bristol UK [info]
02/17 The Decemberists Manchester UK [info]
02/18 The Decemberists Birmingham UK [info]
02/18 The Decemberists Birmingham UK [info]
02/19 Hari Kondabolu Winnipeg MB [info]
02/20 The Decemberists Brighton UK [info]
02/21 The Decemberists London UK [info]
02/23 The Decemberists Amsterdam Netherlands [info]

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