Kill Rockstars


May 05, 2017

Taiwan Housing Project photo by Donald Bruno "This is the kind of record that grows in legend with years to come – a miss it now and kick yourself kind of noise gem that winds up collector’s fodder and fan lore. This is the real thing." - Raven Sings the Blues

"32 minutes of garage-rock scuzz scraped out of a demented sock-hop." - NPR

"The band takes up the great tradition of fellow Kill Rock Stars artists, totally pushing the boundaries of what can be done with sound." - CLRVNT

KRS is proud to announce that Veblen Death Mask, the debut album from Taiwan Housing Project, is now available on LP, CS, and MP3. CLICK HERE TO BUY THE ALBUM.

To celebrate the release of Veblen Death Mask, the band have debuted their first ever music video at CLRVYNT. The video, for the title track "Veblen Death Mask," was shot by THP singer/guitarist Kilynn Lunsford and edited by THP drummer Donald Bruno.