Kill Rockstars

Mi'ens - Rifft Valley

August 21, 2020

'Rifft Valley' is the latest single / video from Mi'ens' upcoming album Future Child. It makes you want to bang your head and float away. Listen to the track, check out the music video, and pre-order Future Child.
Guitarist/vocalist Kim Glennie on Rifft Valley:
“Rifft Valley” takes the listener on a mythic, winding journey with a skittery feel, awash with symbolism. We chose to weave heavy drums that lock in with an insistent bass line, discordant, distant loops, and technical guitar lines expressed alternately in precise angularities or freeform shredding.I was inspired by Rift Valley in Iceland, which marks the boundary between tectonic plates, as well as the site of early parliament. The lyrics are a commentary on the growing gap between rich and poor, and like the active volcanic fissure region, these social strata are uncertain and ever-changing.“The black cone” in the lyrics references the monument to civil disobedience in Reykjavík: “the few and what they own”. We are all small in the longer view of “geological time”. Guitar and loop fuzz within flexed and taut definition, galvanizing propulsive percussion and intensifying to a swirling, chaotic crescendo.The black cone/ The rift grows wide/ Geological timeThe black cone/ Divest and divide/ Growth and declineTechtonic states/ The black cone/ The few and what they own"