Kill Rockstars

Mi'ens - Mondlandung

July 17, 2020

Mi'ens single, Mondlandung, is out NOW!
Mondlandung is the final track from their upcoming album, Future Child. It expands on elements of post rock, noise and experimental in a sweeping and cathartic exploration, elaborating on guitar interplay and progressive song structures. The Mi’ens line up of Kim Glennie and Evan Heggen is bolstered by featured guest guitarist and collaborator Steffen Sidiropoulos, the addition of another guitar voice allows for complex and evocative songwriting with more dynamism, layered and textural arrangements, unfurling instrumental passages and vocal sections. The powerful mesh of slow-swirling, interwoven guitars and Moog over fluid tapping build to an expansive and immense finale. With lyrics inspired by the Apollo 11 moon landing and its code writer Margaret Hamilton, the listener is taken on a cosmic journey and encouraged to “seek on” in their own life pursuits. 
Mi'ens create all of their own videos and it takes us right into their upcoming album's world. Check out the music video
Mondlandung has all the melodious riffs you could ever want. Listen to the track and pre-order the album