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Introducing Mi'ens

June 26, 2020

Mi'ens (pronounced Mittens without the tt's) is a mathy noise rock duo from Vancouver, Canada, founded in 2012. Experimental, with a side of sparklepop. Mi'ens is the female-fronted shredding of Kim Glennie on guitar/loops/Moog, backed by the polyrhythmic blastbeats of Evan Heggen on drums. Their unique brand of math noise consists of live loops, layered textural guitar and effects, the warm, analog drone of the Moog, coupled with well-placed vocalizations, all atop breakneck beats.
Their newest album, Future Child, comes out September 25th. It's an extension of their previous work; a follow up to 2017's Challenger, their 2014 LP experimentalsparklenoisepop, and the 2013 demo EP Mi'ens.
"Future Child is an explosive blast of raw riffing and surging drums, blending a fairly straightforward dance beat with skronky, rhythmically complex guitar fireworks. There's just a hint of heavily effected robo vocals in the finale of the intense instrumental jam."
-Exclaim! exclusive premiere 
The first single, the title track, is out now. It's accompanied by a music video consisting of sci-fi imagery overlaid with live footage.
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