Kill Rockstars


November 19, 2018

Kill Rock Stars is proud to announce that Emily Heller's latest comedy album, Pasta, is out now. CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR COPY.

Recorded live at Curious Comedy Theater in Portland, Oregon, her set has the casual, friendly feel of a hang with your best friend, whether that’s at a bar or your couch. Anywhere you can share caustic barbs and bitter truths about your life and the weird world you’re surrounded with. She’s effortlessly and fearlessly funny as she goes over her need for therapy, dealing with slightly invasive personal trainers, and the joys and perils of her current romantic relationship.

It’s the perfect comedic blend of the intensely personal yet instantly relatable. You haven’t lived Emily Heller’s life but you recognize the little details and big feelings from your own day-to-day existence. It just took finding that brilliant, hilarious person with a microphone to speak them out loud.