Kill Rockstars


September 10, 2018

Comedy duo Frangela announce the release of their debut comedy album RESIST! out October 19 on Kill Rock Stars. Recorded in front of an appropriately raucous audience, Frangela offer up a fast-paced, wickedly funny spin through our present-day agonies, from politics to toga parties, Frances Callier and Angela V. Shelton are fired up and they want you to be too! RESIST! is an album that’s pointed and hilarious in equal measure.

Frangela is everything that political comedy should be in 2018: two women speaking truth to power, stoking the flames of resistance, bringing together likeminded people for a common cause, wondering why in the hell green bean casserole is a thing…RESIST! is also the kind of inspiring document that will help rational people keep fighting the good fight against bad policies and worse policymakers.

Click here to pre-order RESIST!

Frances and Angela originally joined forces on the stage of the Second City Theatre in Chicago, finding a kindred spirit and the kind of irrefutable chemistry that only the best of friends can create. Since then, the duo has been a regular fixture on television and radio, popping up to offer their witty and scathing commentary about the pop culture and political stories of the day. They’ve worked separately too, to great acclaim, but it is when Frances and Angela get together that the sparks really start flying. Currently, Frangela can be seen in the new TV show "Me Time with Frangela" and performing live on Stephanie Miller’s Sexy Liberal Tour. They also have a weekly podcast called “The Final Word” and are regulars on Stephanie Miller's Sexy Liberal radio show.