Kill Rockstars


May 29, 2014

We are excited to announce that our Some Songs from the Kill Rock Stars Singles compilation is now available on cassette... just in time for summer! First released on CD in 1997, Some Songs... collects songs from the first few years of Kill Rock Stars 7 inch singles, including tracks by Elliott Smith, Cupid Car Club, Team Dresch, Heavens To Betsy, Unwound, Mukilteo Fairies, Bikini Kill, godheadSilo, Thrones, Witchypoo and more! After the enthusiastic response to last year's Kill Rock Stars: The Compilations three cassette box set (still available in our mail-order department), giving Some Songs... the cassette treatment seemed like a no-brainer!

Some Songs from the Kill Rock Stars Singles tracklist:
Side A: Elliott Smith "Some Song" / Frumpies "Be Good" / Starpower "Treefort" / Cupid Car Club "Grape Juice Plus" / Team Dresch "Hand Grenade" / Witchypoo "Bad Circulation" / Mukilteo Fairies "Four Letter Love" / Bikini Kill "New Radio" / godheadSilo "Elephantitus of the Night"
Side B: Blood on the Saddle "Please Quit Calling Me From Jail" / Phranc "Hillary's Eyebrows" / Peechees "Grease" / Thrones "Young Savage" / Heavens to Betsy "Firefly" / Unwound "Hating in 'D'"

Click here to order your copy of Some Songs... on cassette for the low price of $5 (and get an instant MP3 download!)

Some Songs... is still available on compact disc and digitally for those of you upset by the cassette revival.