Kill Rockstars


October 02, 2020

Shutups EP, 5, is out now. Stream the EP anywhere you like to listen to music or get your very own limited edition copy from Bandcamp.
“These songs are less rambunctious than our previous releases. All five songs were written within an early noise curfew time frame, as to not disturb sleeping family members. Sleeping schedules crept later and later, often waking up at 1pm and working well until 4 a.m., silently editing drums and vocal takes, taking smoke breaks out the bathroom window.”

Shutups - Can You Dance to a Feeling?

September 04, 2020

Shutups share new single and video for 'Can You Dance to a Feeling?' off of their upcoming EP, 5, out October 2nd. 
Don't miss their Kill Rock Stars' debut single, 'Death From Behind.'
"Oddball interpretation of Monty Python and the Holy Grail."
-Glide Exclusive Premiere
Stream it, watch it, pre-order the EP. 

Shutups Announce EP '5'

July 31, 2020

Shutups are releasing an EP, 5, October 2nd. The first single is out NOW. Presenting 'Death From Behind.' Pre-orders for the EP are available now.