Kill Rockstars

Mi'ens - Future Child - OUT NOW

September 25, 2020

Mi'ens' Kill Rock Stars debut album, Future Child, IS OUT TODAY.
If you feel like sticking it to 2020, this is the perfect record.
The release day focus track is 'Charge Dodger' and the music video just dropped!
Here, things get weird and fuzzed-out. It's a ride through a post-pandemic urban core, with a dig at slaves to consumerism and a subplot of alien abduction, all to the beat of backwards drums. Simmering undercurrents build to the frantically abrasive buzz-saw finale, with punctuated and visceral beats, jagged, discordant guitar lines and experimental noisy Moog. Layers crescendo to an explosive, climax of feedback, screeches and sonic aggression, with icy vocals floating upwards as they drift to space.
Alright we’ve come this far/
Let’s take off get in your car/
See the planets near and far/
Blast off to a future star.
Mi'ens is math rock. Noise rock. Experimental. Sparkelpop - with Kim Glennie on guitar/loops/Moog and Evan Heggen with the polyrhythmic blastbeats on drums. The world they created with Future Child is dynamic, textural, powerful, and a canvas for swirling vocals and expressive instrumentals. Now this is all yours.
Future Child: Stream on your favorite platform, get the LP.
Check out Mi'ens Takeover on YouTube - visual content curated by Mi'ens, with their influences, old and new, deep cuts... it's a cohesive story and musical timeline. Their music videos are interspersed and you'll also find BjörkPublic Enemy, Marnie SternStereolab, DeerhoofKim Gordon, and many more. 
Watch now. 

Mi'ens - Rifft Valley

August 21, 2020

'Rifft Valley' is the latest single / video from Mi'ens' upcoming album Future Child. It makes you want to bang your head and float away. Listen to the track, check out the music video, and pre-order Future Child.
Guitarist/vocalist Kim Glennie on Rifft Valley:
“Rifft Valley” takes the listener on a mythic, winding journey with a skittery feel, awash with symbolism. We chose to weave heavy drums that lock in with an insistent bass line, discordant, distant loops, and technical guitar lines expressed alternately in precise angularities or freeform shredding.I was inspired by Rift Valley in Iceland, which marks the boundary between tectonic plates, as well as the site of early parliament. The lyrics are a commentary on the growing gap between rich and poor, and like the active volcanic fissure region, these social strata are uncertain and ever-changing.“The black cone” in the lyrics references the monument to civil disobedience in Reykjavík: “the few and what they own”. We are all small in the longer view of “geological time”. Guitar and loop fuzz within flexed and taut definition, galvanizing propulsive percussion and intensifying to a swirling, chaotic crescendo.The black cone/ The rift grows wide/ Geological timeThe black cone/ Divest and divide/ Growth and declineTechtonic states/ The black cone/ The few and what they own"

Mi'ens - Mondlandung

July 17, 2020

Mi'ens single, Mondlandung, is out NOW!
Mondlandung is the final track from their upcoming album, Future Child. It expands on elements of post rock, noise and experimental in a sweeping and cathartic exploration, elaborating on guitar interplay and progressive song structures. The Mi’ens line up of Kim Glennie and Evan Heggen is bolstered by featured guest guitarist and collaborator Steffen Sidiropoulos, the addition of another guitar voice allows for complex and evocative songwriting with more dynamism, layered and textural arrangements, unfurling instrumental passages and vocal sections. The powerful mesh of slow-swirling, interwoven guitars and Moog over fluid tapping build to an expansive and immense finale. With lyrics inspired by the Apollo 11 moon landing and its code writer Margaret Hamilton, the listener is taken on a cosmic journey and encouraged to “seek on” in their own life pursuits. 
Mi'ens create all of their own videos and it takes us right into their upcoming album's world. Check out the music video
Mondlandung has all the melodious riffs you could ever want. Listen to the track and pre-order the album

Introducing Mi'ens

June 26, 2020

Mi'ens (pronounced Mittens without the tt's) is a mathy noise rock duo from Vancouver, Canada, founded in 2012. Experimental, with a side of sparklepop. Mi'ens is the female-fronted shredding of Kim Glennie on guitar/loops/Moog, backed by the polyrhythmic blastbeats of Evan Heggen on drums. Their unique brand of math noise consists of live loops, layered textural guitar and effects, the warm, analog drone of the Moog, coupled with well-placed vocalizations, all atop breakneck beats.
Their newest album, Future Child, comes out September 25th. It's an extension of their previous work; a follow up to 2017's Challenger, their 2014 LP experimentalsparklenoisepop, and the 2013 demo EP Mi'ens.
"Future Child is an explosive blast of raw riffing and surging drums, blending a fairly straightforward dance beat with skronky, rhythmically complex guitar fireworks. There's just a hint of heavily effected robo vocals in the finale of the intense instrumental jam."
-Exclaim! exclusive premiere 
The first single, the title track, is out now. It's accompanied by a music video consisting of sci-fi imagery overlaid with live footage.
Watch now!
Listen and pre-order!