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Wrangler Brutes were a Los Angeles-based hardcore band formed in 2002 by Sam McPheeters (Born Against, Men's Recovery Project), Brooks Headley (Born Against, Universal Order of Armageddon, [Young] Pioneers), Andy Coronado (Skull Control, Monorchid, Nazti Skinz, Glass Candy) and bassist Cundo Murad. In 2002, the band sold 1,000 copies of their self-released, self-titled cassette. This release was followed by a 7" record and a full-length LP, Zulu, recorded in May 2004 with Steve Albini. The album featured Chris Thomson (Monorchid, Circus Lupus fame), and Keith Morris (Black Flag, Circle Jerks) on backing vocals. In December 2004, the group disbanded after a Japanese tour.

The band was known for somewhat confrontational, hectic live performances, which were heralded by their biggest fans as a return to the artsy yet entertaining briskness of early Los Angeles hardcore punk. McPheeters' sense of humor dominated their presence as a live act; his patter, alternately caustic and cryptic, was a major aspect of these shows. On their first tour, their set ended with McPheeters donning a wig and reciting a dramatic monologue taken from the closing scene of act 1 of Shakespeare's Henry V.


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  • Andy Coronado
  • Brooks Headley
  • Sam McPheeters
  • Cundo Si Murad

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