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Artist Releases

  • Witchypoo
  • Everybody Looks Good in a Helm
  • 10/01/95
  • KRS244
  • Witchypoo
  • Mixed Metaphor
  • 05/01/95

ABOUT Witchypoo

This is somewhat of a supergroup from Olympia, WA and has consisted of many various members throughout their career. They have been defunct since 2000. Some of their members were Steve Fisk, Slim Moon, Michelle Mae of Make-Up, The, Rachel Carnes of Kicking Giant and The Need, Sarah Utter of Bangs, The, Vern Rumsey of Unwound and many other great bands, and the list just goes on and on.


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Artist Info

  • Adam McCauley
  • Amy Moon
  • Beth Grover
  • Chris Smith
  • Cristina Calle
  • Dan Haugh
  • Diana Arens
  • Greg Babior
  • Ian Dickson
  • Jared Warren
  • Jessica Espeleta
  • Jimmy Boyle
  • Joe Preston
  • John "Quitty" Quittner
  • John Fell Ryan
  • Lisa Rumsey
  • Maia Sinholm
  • Michelle Mae Orr
  • Michelle Noel
  • Nikki Chapman
  • Rachel Carns
  • Sam Linscott
  • Sara Lund
  • Sarah Utter
  • Slim Moon
  • Steve Fisk
  • Stuart Hallerman
  • Sue P. Fox
  • Vern Rumsey
  • Zack Carlson

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