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The band formed in September 1992 and by early 1993, after quickly gaining a small but devoted following, they were recording and touring the East Coast. Known for their extreme short chaotic performances, sometimes resulting in complete destruction. Larry Livermore (founder of Lookout! Records) was so blown away by their live performance that he stated in a magazine column that punk bands should take note of U.O.A. and start bringing this type of energy back into punk rock. Drummer Brooks Headley once said, "Our live shows are like turning on a vacuum cleaner for like ten minutes". The guitarist and bass player would often leap off their amplifiers resulting in hurting themselves and their equipment. They went on to release records on indie labels such as Kill Rock Stars, Gravity, and Jade Tree. They toured the United States several times in 1993 and 1994 in support of those releases before breaking up in late 1994.

Following the band's demise, Joy and Malat started the group The Great Unraveling, and Headley went on to play in the group's final lineup. Seven moved to Seattle, Washington in 2007. He spent from October 2009 to May 2010 riding his motorcycle from Seattle to Argentina.

The four original members of the group played a series of shows in July 2010. This was followed by further live performances announced for the following January, as well as plans for a possible new recording.


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  • Anthony Scott Malat
  • Brooks Headley
  • Colin Busch
  • Tonie Joy

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