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Formed in the indie rock haven of Olympia, WA, in 1997, the Tight Bro's From Way Back When prove that you can bring good-old '70s rock & roll to the sweaters and Buddy Holly-glasses crowd. With an always raucous blast of power chords and cock rock riffs, the band introduces AC/DC to unlikely listeners.

With a lineup including vocalist Jared Warren (Fashio, Karp, Witchypoo) and guitarists John "Quitty" Quittner and Dave Harvey of Behead the Prophet, the Tight Bro's set out to totally destroy. Originally, Jared Warren played bass, and John Quittner and Dave Harvey tried to sing. But after a couple of shows, they enlisted Sean Kelly on bass, and Jared Warren became the frontperson. After going through two drummers, the band hooked up with Justin Olsen.

The Tight Bro's' debut, Runnin' Through My Bones, was released on Olympia's Kill Rock Stars in 1999. With Jared Warren's Bon Scott-style vocals, AC/DC is the obvious comparison. But the album begs listeners to throw their hands in the air and rock out to songs that not only pay homage to Kiss, AC/DC, and Alice Cooper, but to Black Flag, the Stooges, and the MC5 as well. Lend You a Hand followed in 2001, giving fans 37 minutes of all-out rock that evokes images of mullets, El Caminos, and beer busts at the moon tower.

Charles Spano, All Music Guide


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  • Dave Harvey
  • Jared Warren
  • John "Quitty" Quittner
  • Sean Kelly

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