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Hailing from Olympia, WA, THE OLD HAUNTS find themselves nestled deep in the roots of the Pacific Northwest punk scene with predecessors such as the Wipers, Sonics and Dead Moon. THE OLD HAUNTS formed in 2001. Currently the band is a solid trio with Craig Extine (vocals and guitar), Scott Seckington (bass) and Tobi Vail (drums), who is most known for her time spent in Bikini Kill. .. Keeping the torch lit on the vibe and sound coming from the scene that they are so deeply a part of, the Old Haunts add their own personal touch to the garagey punk they forcefully spit out. They layer wirey guitars over a pounding backbeat and the quirky vocals are delivered with urgency. Comparisons to Television and the Gun Club are not far from the mark although their spooky and razor sharp riffs are all their own. .. "Poisonous Times" will be the third release from The Old Haunts on Kill Rock Stars, a follow up to 2006’s Fuel On Fire and 2005’s Fallow Field. The band has also independently released two EPs. THE OLD HAUNTS have toured the US extensively. They will once again hit the road in April 2008 in support of "Poisonous Times".


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  • Craig Extine
  • Tobi Vail
  • Scott Seckington

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