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The Drags

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  • The Drags
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  • 11/06/99

ABOUT The Drags

Albuquerque, NM garage punks the Drags were led by singer/guitarist CJ Pretzel and bassist Lorca Shalom, who previously teamed in the Swizzle Sticks. Completing the line-up with drummer Keith, the group debuted with the single "I Like to Die, " followed by seven-inches for eMpTy ("Anxiety") and Rat City ("Well Worth Talking About"). In 1995, the Drags landed at Estrus to release an EP, Dragsploitation...Now!, followed in 1997 by the full-length Stop Rock and Roll. Keith left the group a year later; 1999's 45 X 3 collected out-of-print and unreleased material from his Drags tenure. Set Right Fit to Blow Clean Up followed in early 2000


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  • CJ Pretzel
  • Lorca Shalom

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