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The Advantage is an American rock band from Sacramento, California that formed in 1998 and specializes in doing covers of music from old NES games. They have covered songs from numerous videogames, including Mega Man, Air Fortress, Castlevania and Metroid. As of 2011 they have released two albums on the record label 5RC.

The band consists of Robby Moncrieff (guitar), Ben Milner (guitar), Carson McWhirter (bass) and Spencer Seim (drums) of Hella. Nick Rogers and Forrest Harding, former Nevada Union High School students, are the two original members who started the band. Cassie Stewart was featured on bass for a while as well. Seim, who attended high school with Rogers and Harding, asked if he could play drums for them and was accepted. At the time the band was called Generic.


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  • Carson McWhirter
  • Spencer Seim
  • Ben Milner
  • Robby Moncrieff

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