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There are highways in parts of Texas that feel as if they might go on forever. Travel along one of these roads, and you’ll see it stretches across seemingly infinite land in every direction. Stop into one of the small towns along the way, and you’ll see it stretches across time as well. Artifacts of life and culture that larger cities tend to ignore are perfectly preserved here: the strange, the intimate, the forgotten, the haunted.
Tele Novella began with Natalie Ribbons and Jason Chronis traveling these roads, exploring these towns, and mining for gems along the way. Natalie, who owns a vintage shop, and Jason, who collects rare records, were each making music in separate projects at the time (Agent Ribbons, Voxtrot, Belaire), but a collaboration between them soon developed, and from the outset, their music embraced these eclectic and eccentric influences. Now, after several years supported by a full band, producing critically-acclaimed recordings and touring nationally, the pair have returned to their roots and relocated from Austin to Lockhart, Texas, where they have recorded their most heartfelt and personal record to date.
Merlynn Belle, Tele Novella’s first release on Kill Rock Stars, is out February 5th, 2021. Keep your ear to the ground for singles and videos. 


Tele Novella - "Words That Stay"

November 11, 2020

Tele Novella Sign With Kill Rock Stars + New Single

October 22, 2020

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  • Natalie Ribbons
  • Jason Chronis

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