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  • STLS
  • Drumcore
  • 09/07/10
  • KRS536


STLS is two women performing drums – just drums. Lisa Schonberg (Explode into Colors, Kickball) and sts (The Haggard, Cadallaca) play standing up, facing each other, on two drum sets. Their sound is huge and their syncopations are rhythmically energizing and entrancing. Their drumming utilizes the tones and textures of the drums to play melodic patterns that recreate the dynamic structure of a typical pop song. The band was born out of an invitation by a friend to come to NYC and perform entirely percussion-based shows. STLS played their first shows at the Art Book Fair at PS 1 and at an art installation by Fritz Haeg, and have since continued to perform in interesting and unexpected settings, as well as the usual venues, in the Northwest, California, and NYC, often collaborating in performance with dancer Janet Pants. They will be touring the west coast in September with Grass Widow in support of their upcoming 7-inch on KRS.


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  • STS
  • Lisa Schonberg

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