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The name: Baby Ouh!. The look: “hysterical glamour”. The sound: playful, experimental. The Lyrics: RʼnʼRʼ: Romantic and Rebellious. Stereo Total recorded a total of 40 songs for this album. So as not to strain your nerves too far, only 17 will appear on the album. Also included are a few cover versions of Stereo Totalʼs idols (e.g. Brigitte Fontaine from France and Pedro Almodóvar from Spain). Additionally, many guest musicians contributed. However, this is no vehicle for dropping famous names from radio and television, rather they are friends of the band – real Superstars in the Warholian sense: Gina dʼOrio (Cobra Killer), Vice Cooler (Hawnay Troof), Miss le Bomb, Becky Ofek (Boy from Brazil), Can “Khan“ Oral, Anton (Die Dreipunktbande), Albrecht Kühner (Das Barock‐ Orchester), Irma and Lou Schiller (“Der Kinderchor”/ ”The Childrens Choir”) – their mother gave them permission – and still more star guests.

Lyrics that are anarchistic, lewd, poetic in an overwrought way, sometimes very sad and sometimes very silly; accompanied by music that is played with flea market instruments, recorded on to cassettes, and with its LoFi attitude, generally regards the penultimate technical developments as the best. Stereo Total, who for nearly the last 10 years have been constantly touring around the world – with tours in Japan, Australia, North and South American and Europe – have always tried to solve musical, technical and marketing problems with ideas rather than with major label money and recording studio technique. They bring out their records on several independent labels worldwide, in different languages, are perceived and classified in almost every country differently, and travel with a minimum of rock band equipment, no matter if they are playing in rock clubs or at 3am at a rave. During the years in which a “Live act” could be understood as a Karaoke show with a laptop and a microphone, the sight of the duo Stereo Total with drums, guitars and a mini‐sampler was fairly unusual. Their live concept is very direct and simple: 1, 2, 3, 4 and letʼs go. The result is very excessive and wild shows that have a lot to do with Françoise Cactusʼ RockʼnʼRoll background with The Lolitas.



March 26, 2013

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