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As core contributors to the new musical renaissance of Detroit, Slumber Party conveys stunningly slow femme doom rock with a late-night vibe. Conceived in 1998, they initially structured melodies in the form of edgy chanteuse songcraft. Two years later they signed with major independent label Kill Rock Stars. Slumber Party has since strayed from overt rock formulas in favor of minimalist atmospherics with a phased guitar sensibility. Beat machines and synthesized tones fill the soundscape of achingly haunted and beautifully ornamented songcraft. A powerful sense of restrained intensity characterizes live performances, commanding audiences into a melodramatic séance. Gretchen Gonzales also serves as a major figure in the bands Universal Indians and the Dr. Gretchen Musical Weightlifting Program, playing with the likes of Thurston Moore and highlighting the many recordings on the Detroit experimental label American Tapes. Slumber Party released their self-titled debut in 2000. After 2001's Psychedelicate, the band began experimenting more with their sound, adding bits of country and electronic pop to 2003's 3 and 2006's Musik.

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  • Aliccia Berg
  • Frances Reade
  • Raquel Salaysay
  • Naomi Ruth
  • Leah Rutherford

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