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Indie rockers Quix*o*tic hail from Washington, D.C., and formed originally in 1997. Comprised of members Christina Billotte (guitar, vocals, drums), Mira Billotte (drums, vocals, guitar), and Brendan Majewski (bass, vocals, drums), some of its members hailed from previous alt-rock outfits, with Christina being a member of both Autoclave and Slant 6. In 2001, Majewski bowed out of the group, and was replaced by Mick Barr (formerly of Orthrelm). Quix*o*tic has toured with (and made admirers out of) such renowned groups as Sonic Youth, Papa M, Blonde Redhead, Fugazi, and the Rapture, since their inception, and have issued several releases thus far, including the 1998 debut single "Heliotrope," plus the full-lengths Night for Day and Mortal Mirror. The latter release was their first for the renowned independent label Kill Rock Stars, and showed the group's wide range of influences by their selection of cover songs -- Black Sabbath's "Lord of this World," Aaron Neville's "Tell It Like It Is," and a track that directly quotes Syd Barrett's "Love You" (called "Ice Cream Sundae").

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  • Christina Billotte
  • Mick Barr
  • Mira Billotte

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