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  • 03/01/99

ABOUT Prima Donnas

Before their debut on the 1998 split EP with the Hammicks, Otto Matik (vocals), Nikki Holiday (keyboards), and Julius Siezure (keyboards) traded in their guitars for synthesizers, adopted pseudo British accents, and called themselves the Prima Donnas. With an angst-ridden experimentation of Huggy Bear and the Nation of Ulysses added to their raw inspiration of the Stooges, the Austin three-piece brought on their array of drum machines and lyrical delivery of sex, drugs, and all-around cynicism as they continued with the release of the 1998 EP She Had Alien Written All Over Her. Following a tour with the PeeChees that same year, Kill Rock Stars put out the Prima Donnas third 7", Head Full of Pills, in 1999.

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  • Otto Matik
  • Julius Seizure
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