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  • Mocket
  • Mailorder Freaks Single Club
  • 01/01/99

ABOUT Mocket

Mocket, an Olympia, Washington-based punk band, was comprised of Audrey Marrs, Matt Steinke, and eventually Carolyn Rue (one-time member of Hole). The band debuted with the Pearl Drop 7” on Up Records in 1995 followed by Bionic Parts in 1996 on Punk in My Vitamins, a local Olympia label. K Records released Mocket’s first full length in 1997 entitled Fanfare [KLP070]. In 1999 Kill Rock Stars released both the Mailorder Freak 7” (as part of the singles club) as well as their second and final full length Pro Forma. Matt was also involved in Satisfact and eventually continued on with Octant. Audrey was a member of Bratmobile for a few years and played keyboards on a Common Rider album, as well as being a part of Gene Defcon’s band.



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  • Audrey Marrs
  • Matt Steinke

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