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With a name that means "storytelling" in Japanese and influences that include Black Flag, the Necros, Reagan Youth, and Bad Brains, Los Angeles' thrashy-but-danceable Mika Miko feature Jessica and Jennifer Clavin, Jenna Thornhill, Michelle Suarez, and Kate Hall. Except for Hall, all of the ladies of Mika Miko played in Dead Banana Ladies, and various members played with other L.A. acts such as the Ride, Silver Daggers, and Slitwrists. Jessica Clavin and Hall both played in Wake Up SF, and when Mika Miko's previous drummer, Jon Erik, left the band, Hall was drafted to replace him. The band began playing shows with bands like Wives, whose singer/bassist, Dean Spunt, volunteered at the all-ages club the Smell and ran the PPM label. PPM released the band's self-titled debut 7", which showcased Mika Miko's raw, aggressive, but not unfriendly sound. Kill Rock Stars signed Mika Miko and released their 2006 debut album, C.Y.S.L.A.B.F., in conjunction with PPM and the Australian label Deleted Art. The band spent that summer and fall touring, while PPM released a Mika Miko/Shoplifting split single later that year. In 2007, the band released the 666 EP, which featured six songs recorded on 6/06/2006, and also performed at the CMJ Music Marathon. The following year, 666 was reissued by PPM with tracks from their other singles and EPs for the label.

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  • Michelle Suarez
  • Jenna Thornhill
  • Jessica Clavin
  • Jennifer Clavin
  • Kate Hall

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