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  • 05/15/20
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Kill Rock Stars signed the Portland band MAITA, led by Maria Maita-Keppeler, in 2019. This year has seen a massive shift for Kill Rock Stars. After a thirteen year hiatus, Slim Moon has returned to run the label he founded. The signing of MAITA is both previous label head Portia Sabin’s last act and the first initiative of Slim Moon in his second tenure as guiding light of KRS.

Of this inaugural signing, Moon offers the following statement. “Put simply, my love of MAITA and my belief in Maria's genius pulled me back into the record business. When I quit running KRS in 2006 it was super important to me that it become 100% Portia's baby. I never did any back seat driving and I never made any unsolicited suggestions about what artists I thought she should or shouldn't work with. But earlier this year Portia played MAITA’s music for me and asked me what I thought. I immediately thought it was really special and suddenly found myself breaking my own 13 year old rule - "you are right Portia, you just really have to work with this band." One thing led to another and before I knew it, we had agreed not only to sign them but that I would return to a limited role at KRS in order to be the label's liaison with them and to shepherd the whole project. It was months later that we learned Portia would be leaving to take over as CEO of The Music Business Association and that I’d be returning as president of the label as well.”

MAITA has released their debut album, Best Wishes

Best Wishes balances ethereal musicality with visceral expressiveness. This juxtaposition is mirrored in the arrangements through potent use of loud and soft dynamics and in Maita-Keppeler’s lyrics, which manage to be layered, literate, but also impactfully concise.

MAITA is Maria Maita-Keppeler, lead vocals, harmonies, and acoustic guitar, and electric guitar; Matthew Zeltzer, electric guitar and harmony vocals; Nevada Sowle, bass; and Cooper Trail, piano, keyboards, drums, percussion, and harmonies. Best Wishes was produced by Maita-Keppeler and Zeltzer and tracked at the 100-year-old Ok Theatre in Enterprise, Oregon, and at Room 13 in Portland, Oregon. Previously, MAITA issued the 2017 EP Waterbearer and a clutch of singles.

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MAITA - 'Coming Up Roses' - Elliott Smith Cover

July 17, 2020

MAITA's 'Best Wishes' - Out Now

May 15, 2020

MAITA's 'Best Wishes' Album Release Show - Streaming Live

May 08, 2020

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  • Maria Maita-Keppeler
  • Matthew Zeltzer
  • Nevada Sowle
  • Cooper Trail

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