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Macromantics is the nom de rap of Melbourne, Australia-based Romy Hoffman, who began her musical career as a guitarist in Ben Lee's band Noise Addict when she was just 15. While touring and performing with Noise Addict, Hoffman fell in love with hip-hop and began incorporating it into her own music and punk-inspired, D.I.Y. approach. In 2004, she self-released her debut as Macromantics, the Hyperbolic Logic EP, which introduced her passionate and often witty MC style. Performing live with turntablist DJ Amy, Hoffman made a name for herself supporting artists as diverse as Architecture in Helsinki, Erase Errata, and Sage Francis. Her debut album, Moments in Movement, was released in summer 2006 in Australia and earned a nomination for that year's J Award for Album of the Year; it arrived in the U.S. via Kill Rock Stars early in 2007.

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  • Romy Hoffman
  • Amy McGill

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