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The band consisted of Mike Kunka on bass and Dan Haugh on drums. The two met growing up near Fargo, North Dakota. The band originally started as a three-piece, with Phil Leitch playing guitar. Leitch left the band after their first show at Fargo's Moose Lodge. From then on, the band was a two-piece. Known for their loud "wall of sound" live performances were full of raging drums, screaming and a gigantic heavy bass sound. Mike employed many effects pedals and a large wall of amps to create his thunderous sound. Fans of BMX biking and Mountain Dew, godheadSilo played shows all across the United States.

Although the band has been on hiatus since the release of Share the Fantasy in 1998, Mike and Dan joined forces with Murder City Devils vocalist Spencer Moody in a band called Smoke and Smoke, releasing the album Love Suffers Long in 2004.



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  • Dan Haugh
  • Mike Kunka

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