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Formed in the summer of 2002 in New York City, Excepter, originally consisted of DJs John Fell Ryan (vocals, synths, drum box, and electronics) and Dan Hougland (synths, drum box, electronics, and piano) along with husband-and-wife duo Calder Martin (vocals, guitar, and percussion) and Caitlin Cook (vocals and dancing), who all came together to explore the more esoteric nature of house and experimental music. Soon, Macrae Semans, who had also DJed in the New York club scene, was added, and in 2003, their debut LP, Ka, was released on Fusetron. The next year Semans left Excepter to enroll in an M.F.A. program at UCLA and was replaced by Nathan Corbin (synths, drum box, drums, and electronics), and in 2005 two more records, Self Destruction and Throne, came out. That same year the group fired Cook and Martin, added DJ Jon Nicholson, and began recording material for the Sunbomber EP, which Excepter put out in 2006 on 5 Rue Christine.

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  • John Fell Ryan
  • Nathan Corbin
  • Dan Hougland
  • Jon Nicholson

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