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  • 06/21/96
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Dos (as in the spanish word for "two") was initially formed in late December 1985, after D Boon died. It was important to keep Mike playing in my eyes. So we started jamming two bass stuff and forming songs from the jams we had done. We liked the idea of having no other instruments in the band because we both see the bass as a lead instrument as much as any other instrument. And why have drums or guitar get in our way? I moved to Connecticut a few months later, so we used 4-track cassette decks to continue work on our first record which was recorded in September 1987 on a visit to LA. We decided to put our basses on the cover.

Over the years we have played in different cities across the country and made two more records. Mike would be on tour with fIREHOSE, and I would fly out for a long weekend and Dos would open the show. We have also played in Holland, Belgium and Canada. In Southern California, we play our own shows too, of course!

Dos songs have come from jams, from lyrics given to us, covers of great female vocalists we admire and they also come from other bands we have played in. They are written together, are written on our own (both bass lines) and just about any way a song can come about, they have. We are now done working on our fourth record - Yuka Honda mixed it for us. It does come slowly, but we both dedicate a lot of time to other projects in and out of the music biz.

I think of Dos as very punk rock, as there are no other bands anything like it. Also because we pay no heed to genres or fads, and don't care if people can't get into the weirdness of our thing.


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  • Mike Watt
  • Kira Roessler

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