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  • Comet Gain
  • Tigertown Pictures
  • 09/28/99
  • Comet Gain
  • Mailorder Freaks Single Club
  • 09/01/98

ABOUT Comet Gain

Comet Gain are a British indie pop band, formed by singer-songwriter and guitarist David Bower (aka David Feck/David Christian) in 1992, with influences including punk, post-punk and northern soul. They have been cited heavily by current UK indie band The Cribs as an inspiration.

The first full Comet Gain line-up released an EP on Soul Static Sound, before signing with Wiiija records for further EPs/singles and two albums between 1993 and 1997. During this period Comet Gain cited and were often compared to Dexys Midnight Runners; however their music ranged in influence and style from early-80s alternative pop through sixties girl-group sounds to pure punk. Partly as a result of these artistic differences, in early 1997 the majority of Comet Gain split and formed the band Velocette, remaining on Wiiija, leaving David Christian to continue Comet Gain with new members.

Joined by new vocalist Rachel Evans, alongside bassist Kay Ishikawa and guitarist Jon Slade (ex-Huggy Bear), Comet Gain released the comeback album Tigertown Pictures in 1999, following a move to KRS records. Guests on the record included John McKeown (The Yummy Fur). The follow-up record, Realistes, saw Comet Gain joined by Chris Appelgren (The PeeChees) and Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill) and showcased a more garage influenced sound.

2005’s City Fallen Leaves, released on Track and Field records, saw the permanent addition as drummer of Woodie Taylor (ex-Morrissey/The Meteors) and presented a wider range of songwriting styles and a more expansive production including alt-country influences. Follow-up release Broken Record Prayers compiled singles, Peel Sessions and unreleased tracks from 1998 to 2008 to further critical acclaim.

2010 and 2011 saw the release of a series of limited-edition singles to support new album Howl of the Lonely Crowd (Fortuna Pop! records). Produced by Ryan Jarman (The Cribs) with Edwyn Collins, the album cemented Comet Gain’s reputation as respected and influential indie-pop veterans. During this period, Comet Gain settled as a 7-piece band with the addition of Ben Phillipson (ex-Kicker, Eighteenth Day of May) on guitar and backing vocals and Anne Laure Guillain on keyboards and backing vocals.

Members of Comet Gain collaborate with tourmates Crystal Stilts and others as Cinema Red and Blue, a long-term side project which released a single and an eponymous album in 2010. A follow up EP was released in October 2011.



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  • David Feck
  • John Mckeowm
  • Jon Slade
  • Kay Ishikawa
  • M.J. Taylor
  • Rachel Evans

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