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  • 57 Waltz
  • Mailorder Freaks Single Club
  • 04/01/99
  • KRS327

ABOUT 57 Waltz

"57 Waltz is made up of guitarist and vocalist Fox Valade, bassist Mike Canich, and drummer Jason Sherman. Their sound could be described as melodic pop, reminiscent of Pavement, Built to Spill and Modest Mouse. In May 1999, 57 Waltz was the featured artist for Kill Rock Stars' Single of the Month Club. Argentina is 57 Waltz's debut full length album. It highlights the band's trademark sound: loose, extended, catchy tracks propelled by the rhythm section. Argentina also includes experiments with drum loops and samples (Christopher Robin, The Lousy Stripper, All My Bishops), a new addition to 57 Waltz's musical repertoire. The subtle mix of styles compliment each other, pushing the boundaries of so-called "indie rock." 57 Waltz was born out of the embers of Spy Show (a band which included Galicja bassist Teri Williams, Valade and Canich) in 1997. In the summer of 1998, Spectator Records released 57 Waltz's first 7" single. During their history, the band has opened for Karate, the Van Pelt and Modest Mouse. 57 Waltz is currently working on new material for a 2000 follow-up to Argentina."

The Metro Times (1999)


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  • Jason Sherman
  • Matt Valade
  • Mike Canich
  • Mike Hostettler

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