Kill Rockstars

We love the Music

KRS was started in 1991 by Slim Moon, who ran the company until October 2006, when he left to become Senior Director of A&R at Nonesuch Records. We at KRS want to thank Slim for creating such an amazing record label and putting out albums that were important in all our lives. Slim rules!

KRS's mission is to continue putting out exceptional records by important artists, and our tradition of being queer-positive, feminist, and artist-friendly continues as well. We are now distinguished by being one of the few female-run indie labels in the US, which we are proud of, but all that really means is get out there and start your record labels, ladies! At KRS we believe in doing it yourself, and we see our job as helping bands to realize their visions. In a culture that rewards making mediocre music with a quick buck, we feel lucky that we get to work with artists who challenge mediocrity on a regular basis. Plus we love the music. Enjoy!


Kill Rock Stars accepts and listens to demos from active, touring bands. If you are not in an active, touring band please refrain from sending us your demo. Our focus is partnering with hard working artists that we are passionate about for a mutually beneficial relationship.

Here's a few demo tips from the KRS staff...

  1. Please do not have your manager or lawyer send us your demo, send it yourself (unless we know or are friends with your manager or lawyer). The label/artist relationship is just like any other relationship. You want to start it off on the best foot, and usually that is direct (digital) contact.
  2. Do not attach mp3s or wav files. A soundcloud link, youtube video, or bandcamp stream will be fine. Please do not send physical demos as this is a waste of resources. Also, do not include a Reverbnation link.
  3. Tell us a little bit about your band. Tell us a little about yourself and what you have going on. We don't judge music entirely on context but it does help. Demos that are just a link are moved to the bottom of the listening pile. Be sure to include your band name with your demo!
  4. Please do not ask us to release a one off 7" in advance of a full length release on another label. Also, we’re not that wild about releasing EPs. If you’ve got the ability to write great songs, write a few more and make it an LP — it’ll be way more worth everyone’s time and money!

Got it? Good. You can send your demo to

Although we listen to every demo we receive, we do not have time to respond to every demo and we have only signed a handful of artists on the strength of a demo in our 25 years as a label. If we like what we hear we WILL get in touch.

Thanks for your interest!