Mika Miko
KRS 467
Release Date: July 25, 2006

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Mika Miko has made a name for themselves by being truly on their own program.  The 5 piece all female “punk” band will defend the term with all their power because they are just that, an amazing Punk band, both in spirit and attitude. Pounding their way through interesting, fast, pop songs that leave you wondering how they pull the steam all the way through.  Imagine a high school dance where Red Cross, Black Flag, X-Ray Spex, The Slits and The Germs are all playing at with an updated flare of excitement and anxiousness.  That feeling you are thinking of is the feeling of Mika Miko and the sound you are imagining is only part of the equation that makes Mika Miko a local favorite in L.A. and everywhere else.

Think about the thousands of “kids” who have seen Mika Miko play live and have heard their 7” on PPM, their self released cassette tape, and their songs on a couple various comps and the internet.  Now think about a full-length CD (KRS) and LP (PPM) that “kids” have been waiting for (to them it seems like forever) that really captures the essence and intensity of the group. And, opening for such bands like The Gossip, The Moving Units, Gravy Train!!!, XBXRX, Deerhoof  and already headlining shows without a record out.  Put all that together and you have a sea of emotions, I know, but somewhere in that dark ocean of thought popping their just-out of teenage range heads are Mika Miko, wondering when you are going to get up from your office desk and join them and the rest of the kids for a night of punk fun.

Touring the country once in the summer of 2005 and countless west coast jaunts proves their dedication to the music they play.  “C.Y.S.L.A.B.F.” contains 13 tracks that keep coming at full speed that will transcend any scene. Come “pony thrash” on an upcoming US tour slated for Fall 2006. 


Track Listing
01. Take It Serious
02. Capricornations
03. See You There
04. Jogging Song (He's Your Mister)
05. End of Time
06. The Dress
07. Tighty Liberace
08. Take Hold
09. Business Cats
10. Chron Liar
11.Don't Shake It Off
12. I Don't Like Your Widows Peak
13. Oh, Head Spin!












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