Gravy Train!!!! : a raging homosexual dance machine.
Gravy Train!!!! : perverted nursery rhymes over 60's organ riffage and Gary Glitter-inspired handclap beats.
Gravy Train!!!! : leaving even the squarest with sticky hands since June 2001.

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When Oakland, CA's
Gravy Train!!!!

pelvic-thrusted their way into the hearts of new wave nymphos everywhere last summer, they were out to channel the ladies of early rap, celebrate their fast food addictions, and score some cheap rimjobs and dog food. Their four-song CD "The Menz EP" (S.P.A.M. Records) was an instant cult classic, and with only limited record label support got them two tours with Bratmobile and rave reviews in Vice, Bust, the SF Weekly, and the SF Bay Guardian, among many others.

With their new album "Hello Doctor", Chunx (lead vocals, lyrics, vibrating grandma panties), Funx (Yamaha keyboard maestro, part-time dancer, anal beads), Hunx (Farfisa fucker, token dude, assless chaps), and Drunx (main fly girl, backup grunts, yard-long dildo wielder) have spawned the most grotesque good-time dance record since the Village People's "Sex Over the Phone". Too flaming disco to be hip-hop, too ugly to be "electro"-anything, the record was produced by Ikey Owens (Mars Volta) and John "Dairy Queeen" Nikki (ex-Primadonnas, Gene Defcon) and features hoetic waxings on cottonmouth blowjobs, burger abortions, bouncing titties and unwashed twatties over the kind of frenzied synth anthems that were used for car chase scenes in Corey movies. Making cameo appearances are Owens, Nikki, Chris Touchton (ex-XBXRX, Da Hawnay Troof), and Cyrus Comiskey (ex-Black Fork, Drunk Horse). Where "The Menz EP" was a more sonically sparse recording and used only drumbeats and keyboards, "Hello Doctor" makes use of organ, guitar, and sound effects for a richer, fuller sound. It was also recorded in an entirely different bedroom.

Gravy Train!!!! appeals to fans of John Waters, the B-52's, Gary Glitter, L'Trimm, and sex education films. Their live show--which has been known to include food-flinging, rapid sequined-costume changes, and synchronized dance routines--inspires slobbering groupies male and female to get in touch with their inner Catholic school slut. They will be touring the U.S. this summer in support of their album.

Track listing!!!! Pictures!!!!
side ONE

1. Titties Bounce
2. Hella Nervous [free mp3 download]
3. Double Decker Supreme
4. Kottonmouth BJ
5. Laffin' all the way to the bank

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side TWO
6. Burger Baby
7. You Made Me Gay
8. Mouthfulla Caps
9. Gutter Butter
10. Pussy Thrusts (the exercise demo)


more information!!!!

the "MENZ" EP CD (PUG045 - S.P.A.M. records)
the "MENZ" EP 12" (Cold Crush Records - USA due Feb 2003)
the "MENZ" EP 12" (PURR006 - Purr Records- UK)

Mollie's Mix sampler compilation CD (KRS 382 - Kill Rock Stars)
Badd, Inc CD (Mogul Electro records)

official website