April 08, 2015

Great news! We will be releasing Kinski’s next album, 7 (or 8), on LP, CD, and good ol’ MP3 on June 2nd, 2015. You can stream the track "Flight Risk" below.

7 (or 8) finds Kinski sounding heavier, faster, and even more self-assured, picking up where 2013’s Cosy Moments left off but also pushing their sound into even more singular territory.

7 (or 8), the title itself a wry observation echoing the confusion created by their extensive catalog, is in fact their SEVENTH (or eighth depending who you ask) LP and second for new label home Kill Rock Stars, having previously released several LPs on Sub Pop and other discerning independent labels. Recorded and mixed in San Francisco at El Studio with Phil Manley (of Trans Am), 7 (or 8) comes in the midst of a more prolific period for the band. “It always takes us awhile to write a record but this one came quickly. We’ve stopped worrying about it so much and just get on with it, which is easier on the soul,” says guitarist/singer Chris Martin. This mindset, alongside their newfound lyricism, has revealed a band that is slyly self-aware, hinted at through years of tongue-in-cheek song titles but now fully evident. The quicker pace has also instilled a palpable confidence and energy on record.

That being said, 7 (or 8) hits like a ton of bricks. The double helping of riffs in the form of “Detroit Trickle Down” and “Flight Risk” leave the listener nearly out of breath. Martin, Lucy Atkinson (Bass), Matthew Reid-Schwartz (Guitar), and Barrett Wilke (Drums) stretch out a bit over the course of the record, marrying their more expansive sound with proto-punk fury, but they rarely let up until the last song, album highlight “Bulletin of the International String Figure Association”. One of the last songs written for the record, “Bulletin…” eases into a nearly 11 minute crescendo of rock bliss, gently flirts with a string section at the same time, and then floats back down to Earth in a perfect denouement. Like John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands on the cover, Kinski strive to make art that is uncompromising and on their own terms and 7 (or 8) is a refreshing reminder that rock music in 2015 can still be a unique and cathartic experience.

Click here to pre-order 7 (or 8) on CD, clear/purple swirled LP, or good ol’ MP3. There’s even an option to order 7 (or 8) with a Kinski shot glass! All pre-orders of Kinski’s 7 (or 8) will receive a download of the bonus songs “Old Gold” (originally written and performed by Love as Laughter) and “Loved By You” (originally written and performed by Stephen) on June 2nd!

Artist: Kinski


May 13, 2013

Kinksi will be touring California next week in support of their new album Cosy Moments!

05/23 Eureka CA The Ink Annex
05/24 San Francisco Ca Hemlock
05/25 Chico Ca Cafe Coda

They also premiered the video for "Let Me Take You Through My Thought Process" over at Spin last week. The video was directed and animated by Owen Cook and is pretty amazing...

Artist: Kinski


March 06, 2013

Life is hard, you know that, Kinski knows that, hell, it’s practically the reason why whiskey and face-melting rock were invented in the first place! So with that in mind, and in celebration of their upcoming Spring Tour and forthcoming album Cosy Moments, Kinski wants to treat one lucky fan to a free show and a few rounds of their favorite vice! To enter the “Whiskey with Kinski” contest, all you have to do is “like” the Kill Rock Stars Facebook page or follow us on Twitter and guess the band’s favorite whiskey. There's a flier to comment on at with your answer or you can tweet at the label with the #cosymoments tag respectively. Obviously, to win this you have to be of legal age. Hey, like we said, life is hard sometimes. Here are the tour dates...

SXSW Shows
03/14 Austin TX Austin Psych Fest Presents Levitation in Austin at Hotel Vegas/Volstead Compound
03/14 Austin TX Magge's Mae's Gibson Room/Kill Rock Stars showcase
03/15 Austin TX Solid Gold Booking Showcase
03/15 Austin TX Rebels Honky Tonk (with Nik Turner of Hawkwind performing Space Ritual!)

04/05 Seattle WA Sunset Tavern (with Mark McGuire)
04/06 Portland OR Bunk Bar (with Mark McGuire)
04/11 New York NY Cake Shop (with Man Forever!)
04/12 Baltimore Md Metro Gallery
04/13 Cleveland OH Happy Dog
04/14 Chicago Il Subterranean
04/15 Detroit Mi Garden Bowl
04/16 Buffalo NY TBA
04/17 Northampton MA Elevens
04/18 Cambridge Ma Middle East Upstairs
04/19 Brooklyn NY Death By Audio
04/20 Pawtucket RI TBA

Kinski also premiered their new single "Last Day On Earth" over at Self Titled.

You can pre-order Cosy Moments from our mailorder department (we still have a few copies of the amber colored vinyl left!) or at our Bandcamp page.
Artist: Kinski


January 17, 2013

Kill Rock Stars are pleased to announce Cosy Moments, the first Kinski album since 2007’s Down Below It’s Chaos, and premiere the first single “Conflict Free Diamonds” via MTV Hive. You can listen to the track here or download it from Bandcamp here.

Due out on April 2nd, Cosy Moments is filled with the glistening, graceful chords and heavy proto-punk rhythms that have become Kinski’s hallmarks over the last 14 years of playing music together. Not that the band is walking in their own musical footprints on the new album. Instead, Cosy Moments is the result of Chris Martin, the band’s songwriter, spending the last few years figuring out where to go next musically. “We wanted to make something poppier and more direct,” Martin said. “That was the kind of music I wanted to hear then and that's what we tried to do. I was really sick of hearing people step on wah wah pedals and solo over psych rock. There were so many people doing that. Including us. We've always had more poppy, song-ish elements but we just took it further this time.”
The addition of a pop element is not the only evolution of the band’s sound. This album also features vocals, which is a dramatic shift for a band that is known primarily as an instrumental group. “We always had songs with vocals on past albums, but it took me a long time to remember how to sing again,” Martin said. “I wrote a bunch of vocal songs. We even toured with Acid Mothers Temple with some of that stuff, but we ended up throwing most all of it out. And I just kept writing.” Heading back into the studio with producer Randall Dunn, who also recorded their last three records, Cosy Moments, the group’s sixth full length, is filled with Kinski’s dense, intricate and occasionally nearly deafening noise, a musical style that is almost completely contradictory to their album title.
Cosy Moments is available for pre-order on cd, lp (first 100 copies come on amber colored marbled vinyl!), and digitally.

Artist: Kinski


November 01, 2012

The days are getting shorter and everybody in Portland, Oregon is starting to get seasonal depression, so we decided to put on a show and cheer everybody up.

SURVIVAL KNIFE (Justin and Brandt from Unwound's excellent new band)!
Saturday, December 1st 8pm
at Record Room
8 Ne Killingsworth, Portland, Or
$7 21+
Artist: Kinski