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Artist Releases

  • Thrones
  • Sperm Whale / White Rabbit
  • 09/19/00
  • KRS283
  • Thrones
  • The Suckling b/w Young Savage
  • 04/10/95

ABOUT Thrones

Thrones began in 1994 with an untitled cassette on the Punk in My Vitamins? label. He soon released the "Reddleman" single. In 1996, Thrones signed to Communion Records to issue the full-length album Alraune. Thrones then signed to Kill Rock Stars and released the single "The Suckling." In late 1997, Preston began a recording project under the working title "White Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit". The project was eventually released as two 12 inch EPs; White Rabbit in 1999, followed by Sperm Whale in 2000. Both EPs were compiled in the Sperm Whale CD. In 2005, a compilation of various Thrones material spanning from 1994 to 2001 was released by Southern Lord Records under the title Day Late, Dollar Short.

After an extended hiatus beginning in 2001, Thrones began regularly performing live again in May 2006, although there were sporadic live appearances during this period supporting bands such as Sunn O))). Preston has also performed as part of Sunn O))) using Moog synthesizers and has previously been a member of Earth, The Melvins and High on Fire.


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  • Joe Preston

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