Albums from the year 1991


Albums from the year 1992


Albums from the year 1993


Albums from the year 1994


Albums from the year 1995

Emily's Sassy Lime Desperate, Scared, But S KRS254 11/10/95
Emily XYZ Jimmy Page Loves Lori Ma KRS108 11/10/95
Witchypoo Everybody Looks Good in KRS244 10/01/95
Fitz of Depression Seemingly Vague b/w Too KRS252 10/01/95
Pussycat Trash Amore KRS249 08/14/95
Elliott Smith Elliott Smith KRS246 07/21/95
Third Sex Mombies KRS248 06/23/95
Delta '72 On the Rocks + 2 KRS247 05/01/95
Witchypoo Mixed Metaphor KRS220 05/01/95
Excuse 17 Such Friends Are Dangero KRS237 04/24/95
Unwound The Future of What KRS245 04/24/95
Thrones The Suckling b/w Young S KRS241 04/10/95
Deerhoof Return of the Wood M KRS243 03/01/95
godheadSilo Elephantitus of the Nigh KRS242 02/01/95
Free Kitten Nice Ass KRS240 01/23/95
Mary Lou Lord Mary Lou Lord KRS238 01/09/95
Elliott Smith Needle In The Hay KRS239 01/09/95
Various Artists A Slice of Lemon KRS100 01/09/95


Albums from the year 1996

Star Pimp Docudrama KRS265 11/08/96
Miranda July Margie Ruskie Stops Time KRS271 11/01/96
The Need Margie Ruskie Stops Time KRS271 11/01/96
Elliott Smith Speed Trials + 2 KRS266 09/23/96
Refect Refect What's Your Defect KRS263 09/23/96
Emily's Sassy Lime Dippity Do-nut KRS267 08/26/96
Dos Justamente Tres KRS256 06/21/96
Cold Cold Hearts Yer So Sweet (Baby Donut KRS258 05/13/96
Unwound Repetition KRS261 04/09/96
Unwound Corpse Pose b/w Everythi KRS262 03/11/96
Free Kitten Punks Suing Punks KRS257 02/01/96
Men's Recovery Project Botanica Mysteria KRS251 02/01/96
Peechees Do The Math KRS255 01/19/96
Universal Order of Armageddon Discography KRS224 01/19/96


Albums from the year 1997

Unwound The Light at the End of KRS288 12/09/97
Free Kitten Sentimental Education KRS287 10/28/97
Deerhoof The Man, The King, The G KRS4444/GER002 10/28/97
Replikants This Is Our Message GER001 09/30/97
Slim Moon Won't You Dance Wit KRS268 09/19/97
Free Kitten DJ Spooky's 12 KRS286 09/19/97
Nicole Panter The Story Lady KRS109 09/05/97
Various Artists Some Songs KRS276 09/05/97
Peechees Games People Play KRS285 08/08/97
Li'l Pit Feelin' Good KRS284 08/08/97
Miranda July Ten Million Hours A Mile KRS281 07/25/97
wnico Bon Voyage KRS282 07/25/97
Matrimony Kitty Finger KRS270 07/25/97
Lung Leg Hello Sir KRS259 05/23/97
Refect Refect Future KRS273 05/16/97
Sleater-Kinney Dig Me Out KRS279 04/08/97
Cold Cold Hearts Cold Cold Hearts KRS278 04/08/97
The Great Unraveling The Great Unraveling KRS277 03/01/97
Elliott Smith Either/Or KRS269 02/21/97
Mary Lou Lord Martian Saints KRS264 01/24/97
Long Hind Legs Open Wide (Remix) KRS275 01/24/97
Long Hind Legs Long Hind Legs KRS274 01/24/97
The Need The Need KRS272 01/01/97


Albums from the year 1998

The Need Mailorder Freaks Single KRS314 12/01/98
Long Hind Legs Feb. 4th-14th 1998 KRS316 11/06/98
C Average C Average KRS320 11/06/98
Small Stars Mailorder Freaks Single KRS313 11/01/98
Sue P. Fox Mailorder Freaks Single KRS312 10/01/98
OOIOO OOIOO KRS317 09/08/98
Comet Gain Mailorder Freaks Single KRS323 09/01/98
Sta-Prest Mailorder Freaks Single KRS310 08/01/98
Bonfire Madigan From The Burnpile KRS299 07/06/98
Quasi Mailorder Freaks Single KRS309 07/01/98
Lake of Dracula Mailorder Freaks Single KRS308 06/01/98
Miranda July The Binet-Simon Test KRS296 05/08/98
The Hangovers Mailorder Freaks Single KRS307 05/01/98
Jad and David Fair 26 Monster Songs for Chi KRS292 04/17/98
Edwin Torres Holy Kid KRS293 04/01/98
lowercase Mailorder Freaks Single KRS306 04/01/98
The Hangovers Slow Dirty Tears KRS295 03/24/98
Bangs Tiger Beat KRS294 03/24/98
Red Monkey Mailorder Freaks Single KRS305 03/01/98
Edwin Torres Rhumba Bomballet b/w Emb KRS291 02/06/98
C Average Mailorder Freaks Single KRS304 02/01/98
The John Doe Thing For the Rest of Us KRS290 01/27/98
Unwound Challenge for a Civilize KRS289 01/13/98
Rock*A*Teens Mailorder Freaks Single KRS303 01/01/98
Rob Fisk Deerland (Book) GER003 01/01/98


Albums from the year 1999

Slumber Party Mailorder Freaks Single KRS334 12/01/99
The Drags Mailorder Freaks Single KRS331 11/06/99
Thrones White Rabbit KRS280 11/02/99
Black Gang This Is My Prayer KRS352 10/19/99
Corrections Mailorder Freaks Single KRS332 10/01/99
Comet Gain Tigertown Pictures KRS346 09/28/99
The Lies Underdogs and Infidels KRS347 09/28/99
Unwound A Single History KRS345 09/14/99
Ronnie Spector She Talks to Rainbows KRS348 09/14/99
Bonfire Madigan Mailorder Freaks Single KRS330 09/01/99
Jason Traeger Mailorder Freaks Singles KRS333 08/01/99
Deerhoof Holdypaws KRS343 07/13/99
The Lies Mailorder Freaks Singles KRS329 07/01/99
Replikants Slickaphonics GER005 06/01/99
Retsin Mailorder Freaks Single KRS328 06/01/99
Danielle Howle Catalog KRS340 05/07/99
Holly Golightly Listen KRS344 05/07/99
Electrolettes Mailorder Freaks Single KRS325 05/01/99
Mocket Pro-Forma KRS338 04/09/99
Billy Childish Hangman Communication KRS110 04/09/99
57 Waltz Mailorder Freaks Single KRS327 04/01/99
Tight Bro's From Way Back When Runnin' Through My KRS339 04/01/99
Various Artists Video Fanzine #1 KRS200 04/01/99
Various Artists Drinking From Puddles: A KRS318 03/23/99
Prima Donnas Mailorder Freaks Single KRS326 03/01/99
Sleater-Kinney The Hot Rock KRS321 02/23/99
Bangs Mailorder Freaks Single KRS324 02/01/99
Peechees LIFE KRS315 01/26/99
Sleater-Kinney Get Up KRS337 01/22/99
Mocket Mailorder Freaks Single KRS311 01/01/99


Albums from the year 2000

Various Artists Video Fanzine #2 KRS300 10/03/00
Jim Carroll Runaway KRS367 10/03/00
Schema Schema GER011 10/03/00
Thrones Sperm Whale / White Rabb KRS283 09/19/00
Slumber Party Slumber Party KRS363 08/29/00
Witchypoo Public Works GER010 08/15/00
Godzik Pink Es Em, Ekel Em GER009 08/01/00
Sue P. Fox Light Matches, Spark Liv KRS302 07/18/00
Har Mar Superstar Har Mar Superstar KRS365 07/18/00
Jean Smith Jean Smith KRS361 06/20/00
Bonfire Madigan Saddle the Bridge KRS357 05/30/00
Breakdowns This Gun Don't Care KRS359 05/16/00
Bangs Sweet Revenge KRS336 05/16/00
Out Hud First Single Of The New GER007 05/02/00
Sleater-Kinney All Hands on the Bad One KRS360 05/02/00
Sleater-Kinney You're No Rock n KRS364 05/02/00
Get Hustle Earth Odyssey GER006 03/28/00
Lois Maffeo & Brendan Canty The Union Themes KRS356 03/14/00
Semiautomatic Semiautomatic GER008 03/14/00
Two Ton Boa Two Ton Boa KRS351 02/29/00
Cadallaca Out West KRS362 02/15/00
Various Artists Jackson's Jukebox KRS354 02/01/00
Deep Lust Deep Lust KRS353 02/01/00
Mary Lou Lord Split KRS350 02/01/00
Sean Na Na Split KRS350 02/01/00
Kathy Acker Redoing Childhood KRS349 01/18/00


Albums from the year 2001

The Seconds Y GER015 10/30/01
Slumber Party Psychedelicate KRS377 08/31/01
Tight Bro's From Way Back When Lend You A Hand KRS370 08/14/01
The Lies Resigned KRS376 05/15/01
Charm (movie) Soundtrack GER014 05/14/01
Unwound Leaves Turn Inside You KRS369 04/17/01
Godzik Pink Black Broccoli GER013 04/03/01
C Average Second Rekoning KRS371 03/20/01
Kleenex/LiLiPUT LiLiPUT KRS373 02/20/01
Various Artists Turbo's Tunes KRS319 01/23/01
Gossip That's Not What I H KRS368 01/23/01
XBXRX Gop Ist Minee GER012 01/16/01


Albums from the year 2002

Stereo Total Musique Automatique KRS392 10/08/02
Hella Falam Dynasty b/w It GER022 09/10/02
Bangs Call + Response KRS379 09/10/02
Mecca Normal The Family Swan KRS385 08/20/02
Sleater-Kinney One Beat KRS387 08/20/02
Quix*o*tic Mortal Mirror KRS381 07/09/02
Various Artists If The Twenty-First Cent GER020 06/04/02
Young People Young People GER021 06/04/02
Deerhoof Reveille KRS380/GER017 06/04/02
Various Artists Fields and Streams KRS341 05/07/02
Gossip Arkansas Heat KRS384 05/07/02
Semiautomatic Resident Genius GER019 04/09/02
Hella Hold Your Horse Is GER018 03/19/02
Comet Gain Réalistes KRS378 03/19/02
Xiu Xiu Knife Play GER016 02/19/02


Albums from the year 2003

Stereo Total Monokini KRS402 11/04/03
Stereo Total Oh Ah KRS403 11/04/03
Nervous Cop Nervous Cop GER029 11/04/03
Slumber Party 3 KRS386 09/09/03
Semiautomatic Wolfcentric GER030 09/09/03
The Decemberists Her Majesty The December KRS375 09/09/03
Essential Logic Fanfare In The Garden KRS399 06/03/03
Various Artists Night School Vol. 1 KRS393 06/03/03
Gossip Movement KRS391 05/06/03
The Decemberists Castaways and Cutouts KRS397 05/06/03
Gravy Train!!!! Hello Doctor KRS389 03/18/03
Deerhoof Apple O' KRS398 03/18/03
Born Against 9 Patriotic Hymns for Ch KRS394 02/18/03
Xiu Xiu A Promise GER024 02/18/03
Owl & The Pussycat Owl & The Pussycat KRS390 02/18/03
Born Against The Rebel Sound of Shit KRS395 02/18/03
Jeff Hanson Son KRS388 01/21/03
Various Artists Mollie's Mix KRS382 01/21/03


Albums from the year 2004

Two Ton Boa Serenade For The Crow Th KRS396 11/23/04
The Makers Stripped KRS423 11/23/04
Wrangler Brutes Zulu KRS418 10/12/04
Gold Chains & Sue Cie When The World Was Our F KRS420 10/12/04
Deerhoof Bibidi Babidi Boo 10/03/04
Shoplifting Shoplifting KRS417 09/14/04
The Decemberists Billy Liar KRS419 09/14/04
Shoplifting Hegemony Enemy b/w Talk KRS416 07/27/04
The Mae Shi Terrorbird GER034 07/27/04
Gravy Train!!!! Ghost Boobs KRS413 07/27/04
Nedelle & Thom Summerland KRS421 07/27/04
The pAper chAse God Bless Your Black Hea KRS410 06/08/04
The Advantage The Advantage GER028 04/06/04
John Wilkes Booze Five Pillars of Soul KRS408 04/06/04
Various Artists Tracks and Fields KRS401 04/06/04
Deerhoof Milk Man KRS406 03/09/04
Xiu Xiu Fabulous Muscles GER031 02/17/04
Amps For Christ The People At Large GER032 02/17/04
Hella The Devil Isn't Red GER027 01/20/04


Albums from the year 2005

Hella Concentration Face / Hom GER044 11/08/05
Comet Gain City Fallen Leaves KRS439 11/08/05
Les Georges Leningrad Clean Up b/w Monster Kla GER037 11/08/05
ADULT This Seven Inch KRS440 11/08/05
Die Monitr Batsss Clean Up b/w Monster Kla GER037 11/08/05
Harvey Danger Cream and Bastards Rise KRS441/KRS448 11/08/05
Numbers This Seven Inch KRS440 11/08/05
The No-Neck Blues Band Qvaris GER052 11/08/05
Linda Perry In Flight KRS437 10/11/05
Deerhoof The Runners Four KRS429/GER048 10/11/05
BARR Beyond Reinforced Jewel GER046 10/11/05
Gossip Standing In The Way Of C KRS438 10/11/05
Men's Recovery Project The Very Best Of GER026 10/11/05
Wooden Wand Buck Dharma GER051 09/13/05
Numbers We're Animals KRS426 09/13/05
Anna Oxygen Meet Jennifer b/w Syncop KRS436 08/23/05
John Wilkes Booze Telescopic Eyes Glance T KRS430 08/23/05
Numbers Solid Pleasure b/w No Af KRS433 08/23/05
Xiu Xiu The Body Breaks GER038 08/23/05
Devendra Banhart Support Our Troops Oh! GER038 08/23/05
The Makers Everybody Rise! KRS428 08/23/05
Various Artists Video Fanzine #3 KRS400 07/12/05
Charm (movie) A Film By Sadie Shaw GER023 07/12/05
The Decemberists The Tain KRS372 07/12/05
Xiu Xiu La Forêt GER045 07/12/05
Metalux Victim Of Space GER040 07/12/05
Gravy Train!!!! Are You Wigglin'? KRS414 07/12/05
The Planet The You Absorb My Vision GER039 06/07/05
The Mae Shi Heartbeeps GER049 06/07/05
need new body Where's Black Ben? GER041 06/07/05
The Punks Thank You For The Altern GER035 05/10/05
The Robot Ate Me Carousel Waltz GER043 05/10/05
The Old Haunts Fallow Field KRS431 04/12/05
The Robot Ate Me On Vacation GER042 03/22/05
The Decemberists Picaresque KRS245 03/22/05
Jeff Hanson Jeff Hanson KRS405 02/22/05
Nedelle From The Lion's Mou KRS424 02/22/05
Stereo Total Do The Bambi KRS409 01/25/05


Albums from the year 2006

Various Artists Kill Rock Stars Winter H KRS470 11/21/06
The Punks Unanimous Bangers GER076 11/07/06
Bitch Make This / Break This KRS478 10/10/06
Xiu Xiu The Air Force GER063 09/12/06
Slumber Party Musik KRS458 09/12/06
Hella Acoustics GER074 09/12/06
Two Ton Boa Parasiticide KRS450 09/12/06
Gossip RMX KRS473 08/22/06
Inca Ore The Birds In The Bushes GER072 08/22/06
Knife Skills Disco Apocalypso GER071 08/22/06
Wooden Wand Second Attention KRS456 08/22/06
Excepter Alternation GER047 07/25/06
Mika Miko C.Y.S.L.A.B.F. KRS467 07/25/06
Harvey Danger Little By Little... KRS471 07/25/06
Erase Errata Night Life KRS464 07/25/06
The pAper chAse Now You Are One Of Us KRS445 06/06/06
The Robot Ate Me Good World GER060 06/06/06
Amps For Christ Every Eleven Seconds GER068 06/06/06
The Everyothers Pink Sticky Lies KRS442 05/09/06
Wooden Wand Harem Of The Sundrum GER057 05/09/06
Various Artists The Sound The Hare Heard KRS449 05/09/06
Zach Hill & Mick Barr Shred Earthship GER069 05/09/06
The Old Haunts Fuel On Fire KRS457 05/09/06
The Mae Shi Lock The Skull, Load The GER059 04/11/06
Various Artists Sur La Mer Samp-Le-Mer GER054 04/11/06
Imaad Wasif Imaad Wasif KRS454 04/11/06
Mecca Normal The Observer KRS453 04/11/06
Stereo Total My Melody KRS451 03/21/06
Br. Danielson When It Comes to You I KRS463 03/21/06
The Seconds Kratitude GER058 03/21/06
Shoplifting Body Stories KRS407 03/21/06
Stereo Total Juke Box Alarm KRS452 03/21/06
Wooden Wand Gipsy Freedom GER053 02/21/06
They Shoot Horses Don't They? Boo Hoo Hoo Boo KRS462 02/21/06
Anna Oxygen This Is An Exercise KRS432 02/21/06
Katie Eastburn Starter Set KRS427 01/24/06
Excepter Sunbomber GER035 01/24/06
Various Artists Otis' Opuses KRS358 01/24/06
The Advantage Elf-Titled GER050 01/24/06
Delta 5 Singles & Sessions 1 KRS415 01/24/06
Tarkio Omnibus KRS435 01/24/06
Laura Veirs Year Of Meteors KRS447 01/24/06
Gossip Standing In The Way Of C KRS422 01/24/06


Albums from the year 2007

Various Artists Kill Rock Stars Vinyl Va KRS412 10/09/07
Deerhoof Matchbook Seeks Maniac KRS491 09/11/07
Stereo Total Paris Berlin KRS483 08/21/07
Numbers Now You Are This KRS461 08/21/07
Various Artists Kill Rock Stars Vinyl Va KRS374 07/10/07
They Shoot Horses Don't They? Pick Up Sticks KRS460 06/05/07
Elliott Smith New Moon KRS455 05/08/07
The Mary Timony Band The Shapes We Make KRS469 05/08/07
Xiu Xiu Remixed & Covered GER077 04/10/07
The Decemberists The Decemberists: A Prac KRS434 03/20/07
BARR Summary GER065 02/20/07
Marnie Stern In Advance Of The Broken KRS446 02/20/07
Deerhoof Friend Opportunity KRS472 / GER078 01/23/07
Macromantics Moments In Movement KRS411 01/23/07


Albums from the year 2008

Marnie Stern This Is It and I Am It a KRS486 10/07/08
Deerhoof Offend Maggie KRS485 10/07/08
The Shaky Hands Lunglight KRS498 09/09/08
Horse Feathers House With No Home KRS495 09/09/08
Jeff Hanson Madam Owl KRS459 08/19/08
Gossip Live In Liverpool KRS493 05/06/08
Shy Child Noise Won't Stop KRS494 05/06/08
New Bloods The Secret Life KRS488 04/08/08
Colin Meloy Colin Meloy Sings Live! KRS468 04/08/08
The Old Haunts Poisonous Times KRS492 04/08/08
Panther 14 KT God KRS490 02/19/08
Thao With the Get Down Stay Down We Brave Bee Stings and KRS481 01/29/08
Xiu Xiu Women As Lovers KRS484 01/29/08


Albums from the year 2009

Delta 5 Mind Your Own Business KRS517 11/10/09
Horse Feathers Cascades KRS510 10/27/09
The Raincoats The Raincoats KRS515 10/13/09
Thao With the Get Down Stay Down Know Better Learn Faster KRS500 10/13/09
Panther Entropy KRS513 09/29/09
The Shaky Hands Let It Die KRS501 09/29/09
Explode Into Colors Eyes Hands Mouth KRS509 09/01/09
The Thermals We Were Sick KRS511 08/25/09
Portland Cello Project The Thao & Justin Po KRS508 06/09/09
The pAper chAse Someday This Could All B KRS502 05/26/09
Thao With the Get Down Stay Down Record Store Day Split KRS507 04/18/09
The Thermals Record Store Day Split KRS507 04/18/09
Stereo Total Anti Love Song KRS506 04/14/09
The Thermals Now We Can See KRS504 04/07/09
The Thermals Now We Can See (Single) KRS505 03/10/09
Deerhoof Live Session EP KRS497 02/03/09


Albums from the year 2010

Gospel Music Duettes KRS547 11/30/10
Horse Feathers Drain You KRS542 11/02/10
Elliott Smith An Introduction to Ellio KRS541 11/02/10
Erase Errata Damaged b/w Ouija Boardi KRS537 11/02/10
The Thermals Never Listen to Me KRS539 10/21/10
The Corin Tucker Band 1,000 Years KRS520 10/05/10
Marnie Stern Marnie Stern KRS516 10/05/10
STLS Drumcore KRS536 09/07/10
The Thermals Personal Life KRS519 09/07/10
Grass Widow Past Time KRS533 08/24/10
The Thermals I Don't Believe You KRS535 08/10/10
Stereo Total Baby Ouh! KRS521 05/04/10
Horse Feathers Thistled Spring KRS518 04/20/10
The Thermals The Thermals / Cribs Spl KRS527 04/17/10
Deerhoof Green Cosmos KRS528 04/17/10
Deerhoof Apple O' (reissue) KRS398LP 04/17/10
Elliott Smith From A Basement On The H KRS524 04/06/10
Elliott Smith Roman Candle KRS523 04/06/10
Kleenex/LiLiPUT Live Recordings, TV-Clip KRS514 03/23/10
Quasi American Gong KRS512 02/23/10
Xiu Xiu Dear God, I Hate Myself KRS503 02/23/10
The Thermals Canada KRS534 02/09/10
Quasi Repulsion + 2 KRS529 01/26/10


Albums from the year 2011

Gospel Music How To Get To Heaven Fro KRS557 10/25/11
Milagres Glowing Mouth KRS553 09/13/11
Forbidden Friends Totally Low KRS554 07/11/11
Various Artists 20 Years of Kill Rock St KRS558 07/01/11
The Thermals Never Listen to Me (Maxi KRS556 06/28/11
Thao & Mirah Thao & Mirah KRS538 04/26/11
Forbidden Friends Tiny Hands KRS544 03/15/11
Boats Cannonballs, Cannonballs KRS548 03/01/11
The Thermals Not Like Any Other Feeli KRS540 02/15/11
Explode Into Colors Quilts KRS551 02/08/11
Portland Cello Project The Kanye West and Rihan KRS550 02/03/11


Albums from the year 2012

The Corin Tucker Band Kill My Blues krs560 09/18/12
Elliott Smith Elliott Smith (180 gram krs246 08/07/12
Elliott Smith Either/Or (180 gram viny krs269 08/07/12
Horse Feathers Cynic's New Year KRS559 04/17/12